10 Hero Counter Hanzo Mobile Legends (ML)

Hanzo is one of the heroes with an assassin role in Mobile Legends, who until now is still a subscription banned in Ranked mode because it is considered quite troublesome and quite over power. Hanzo himself has a special ability where he can change into spirit mode or shadow mode when using his ultimate skill. This is the hero counter to defeat Hanzo in Mobile Legends!

What’s interesting about this ultimate skill is that Hanzo turns into a spirit or a shadow that leaves his original body. The damage generated from his attack skills is quite large and of course very painful. This hero is also quite annoying because he has a skill that can be used to easily steal Enemy’s Buff. We will discuss the counter Hero Hanzo Mobile Legends here for you.

There are several heroes who can easily counter Hanzo. Hanzo, who is often in the back line, there are several heroes who can take advantage of the moment;

  1. Natalia
  2. Aldous
  3. Johnson
  4. Harley
  5. Helcurt
  6. Jawhead
  7. Lancelot
  8. Ling
  9. Yi Sun Shin
  10. Akai

From us Esportsku, we have summarized the heroes who are very strong against Hanzo. Actually there are many more heroes who are strong against Hanzo, but that’s the hard counter.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the Counter Hero Hanzo Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know which heroes you can use to counter the assassin hero named Hanzo in Mobile Legends, let’s just look at the full explanation below properly and correctly!

Hero Counter Hanzo Mobile Legends


Natalia is one of the assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who has a special ability that can disappear by remaining silent for a few seconds in the grass. When in disappear mode you won’t be able to see Natalia on the map.

This hero is very suitable to be used to counter Hanzo because when Hanzo is in his Shadow mode, Natalia can easily find where Hanzo’s real body is easily. After that he can give combo skills to Hanzo’s real body until he dies.


Aldous is one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends which can also be used to counter the Hanzo Mobile Legends hero. Aldous can use his ultimate skill to find out where Hanzo’s body is. That way you can find Hanzo’s real body easily thanks to Aldous’s ultimate skill.


Johnson himself is also the counter hero of Hanzo ML. This hero tank has the ability to turn into a car and can go around the map easily. By utilizing his ultimate skill, of course you will easily find Hanzo’s real body. Kalin can also hit him and continue to attack him to death. That way Hanzo can be defeated easily.



Harley is one of the Asassin mage heroes in Mobile Legends who can be used to counter Hanzo. When Hanzo is in his shadow mode, Harley can use his two skills to blink at Hanzo’s real body. After that he can issue his combo attack skills and that way Hanzo can be killed easily.


Helcurt is also one of the assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who is also the counter hero of Hanzo. Helcurt can darken the atmosphere and can immediately approach Hanzo with his blink skill. That way Helcurt can immediately attack Hanzo with his skill combo and can defeat Hanzo easily.


The next hero counter for Hanzo Mobile Legends is jawhead, with his Ejector ability to attack Hanzo heroes even at a distance.

You can use Jawhead’s ultimate skill which can follow Hanzo wherever he runs, then, use Hanzo’s second skill and Hanzo’s attack using ultimate and use his combination of skills.


Next is Lancelot who is one of the best heroes you can use to beat Hanzo. As you know, Hanzo relies heavily on his ultimate which has a very super far attack.

Now by using a skill combo from Lancelot using the first skill, the ultimater skill and doing the main attack with the second skill, you can easily defeat the Hanzo hero in a match in Mobile Legends. lancelot can catch up to Hanzo quickly.


Next, you can use Ling as a hero counter hero for Hanzo Mobile Legends. By using his first skill, Ling will find it very easy to find out the location of the Hanzo hero. Then Ling can attack with his second skill.

Do a combination of skills as usual, use the ultimate to hit the Hanzo hero and you’ve managed to beat the Hanzo hero in a match in Mobile Legends. Hero Hanzo himself is quite weak when attacked at close range.

Yi Sun Shin

Next is Yi Sun Shin, who is a very meta marksman hero. This one hero becomes a hero who can defeat Hanzo heroes easily, the reason is to find out the location of Hanzo you just use the ultimate.

You can use the ultimate attack to detect Hanzo’s location, then attack Hanzo with his skill set, both at close and long range, Yi Sun Shin is superior to Hanzo in Mobile Legends.


Last one. You can use the Akai hero as the hero counter hero of Hanzo Mobile Legends. Akai has a very special ability, his ability to blow away all his opponents easily.

For example, when Hanzo is about to attack with a shadow, Akai can save his teammates by using his ultimate, then when Akai is close to Hanzo’s position, he can also lock Hanzo and cancel Hanzo’s ultimate.

So that’s an explanation of the hero counter hero Hanzo in Mobile Legends that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Read the explanation above so you know which heroes can be used to counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends! Don’t forget to follow Esportsku (@ esports.ku)!