10 Hero Counter Lesley Mobile Legends (ML)

Lesley is a hero role mobile legends marksman / assassin who is very strong in the late game. He is able to kill enemies in just a few shots when the late game comes. Apart from that, Lesley mobile legends also has a very strong finisher to finish off fleeing or dying enemies.

Despite having very high damage, Lesley unfortunately does not have good mobility or escape skills, therefore she is very vulnerable to being killed and gank. A good team is sure to protect at all times.

List of Hero Counter Lesley Mobile Legends

Here we will give the best hero who counters Lesley in Mobile Legends. This one hero is indeed required to be constantly ganked and locked down because when the late game comes he will become deadly with high damage and a long range.

If you are curious about the hero who can counter Lesley, we have prepared the 5 best heroes who can fight Lesley in Mobile Legends.


Even though it can’t kill Lesley easily, Lolita is the best tank that can protect the entire team from Lesley easily.

The reason is because Lolitan has a shield skill that is able to withstand attacks and also S2 as reactive shield which is able to withstand all of Lesley’s attacks from a distance, be it her auto attack or her ultimate.


Hanzo is a strong assassin against Lesley because he doesn’t need to show himself when ganking. Hanzo is arguably the assassin hero who has a very far attack range at this time.

Hanzo’s ultimate shadow can cross walls and gank easily, especially Lesley who doesn’t have many escape skills. Hanzo’s Burst is also very deadly because Lesley doesn’t have much HP


If you can’t get close to Lesley because of the lethal range, then Aldous is the answer. The ability of this fighter hero can lock and chase the opponent’s hero and inflict enormous damage.

Aldous can even do a solo kill easily because Lesley can be hit from afar, especially when he is dying. Aldous, who has high damage, is very dangerous for weak marksman like Lesley.


Jawhead has a very high burst damage even this hero is also very thick and able to block many of Lesley’s attacks. With his initiation ability, it is very easy to defeat marksman heroes and the like.

Jawhead, who uses his standard combos such as ulti and S1, is very deadly, especially Lesley, who is often left behind by his team at the back. Jawhead with his burst can easily kill Lesley without a problem.


Hayabusa is a marksman nightmare who is often behind. Hayabusa has high mobility and a deadly burst, especially if the enemy is often in a position that is in his favor.

Hayabusa can kill Lesley without any problems then escape very easily. His Burst is able to kill Lesley easily even in the late game.


Next is Aurora, which is one of the best heroes you can use as the best Lesley Mobile Legends hero counter that you can play. Aurora’s ability to stop opponents is the best right now.

Now to defeat him, you can use Aurora’s passive ability which can lock the movements of her opponent’s hero. Lesley will freeze and can beat Lesley easily.


Next is Eudora, who is one of the best heroes that you can use as a hero counter for Lesley Mobile Legends. Eudora who has a very good CC ability, can stop his opponent’s movements easily.

Now with this ability you can easily lock your opponent’s hero in Mobile Legends. Then use the ultimate Eudora which gives an Electric strike and defeats Lesley.


Next is Kaja, which is the best Lesley Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use right now. Kaja is the most widely used hero for countering agile heroes like Lesley’s hero.

The most troublesome thing is the ability of Lesley’s first skill which makes it look vague, but that doesn’t mean that in front of Kaja, you can cancel this ability.


Next is Lancelot which is one of the best heroes that you can use as a hero counter for Lesley Mobile Legends. Lancelot is a hero who can allow his opponent to not be able to escape, with the exception of Lesley.

With the ability of the hero Lancelot, you can easily defeat Lesley’s hero, by continuing to attack his opponent, especially Lancelot who has fast movements and has good immunity to survive Lesley’s attacks.


The last hero, is Saber, which you can make as a hero counter for Lesley Mobile Legends. Saber’s ability to beat his opponent quickly makes this one hero advantage. Saber was able to lock in and beat Lesley very deadly.

Just use Saber’s ultimate skill and Lesley’s hero key. Next, you only need to attack it with a basic attack. With this ability, you can beat this one hero easily. Make sure to use Saber to counter Lesley.

That’s a very strong hero to fight Lesley in Mobile Legends. This hero is indeed a dangerous marksman in the late game thanks to his deadly range and damage but he is very vulnerable to being killed because of his small HP.