10 Hero Counter Odette Mobile Legends (ML), Auto Failed Ulti!

Odette is one of the mage heroes who has a very deadly combination of attacks, it’s no wonder the active ultimate can disperse all opponent formations, now to beat him, use this hero counter Odette Mobile Legends (ML)!

Odetta is a hero mage with complete cord control capabilities. It has attacks in the form of stun, slow, large damage, and a very wide area of ​​attack. Playing this one hero is quite easy, but will lose to the following hero counters.

So this time, Esportsku will recommend some of Odette’s hero counters in Mobile Legends that you can use to defeat this mage hero easily. So, listen and use this hero!

There are several Odette hero counters in Mobile Legends that you can use as follows.

This is the Hero Counter Odette Mobile Legends (ML):

Hero Counter Odette Mobile Legends


Odette’s hero counter in the first Mobile Legends is Chou, this fighter hero has the ability to counter the opponent’s hero very well, Chou is able to give Odette a knockup effect and thwart the ultimate very easily.

User Chou is indeed very easy to counter Odette’s hero very easily, by using Chou’s skill set, he can dash on Odette’s attack and give a deadly disable attack.


Hero Counter Rafaela Mobile Legends (ML)

It’s easiest for you to counter using the Saber hero. Saber’s ability to execute executions on his opponent can provide a deadly attack on Odette.

By using Saber you can easily attack Odette’s weak points. The attack from the saber can easily stop Odette’s combo attack very easily.

Hero Counter Odette Mobile Legends Guinevere

Next is Guinevere who is one of the best fighter heroes you can play right now. This one hero has CC airborne which can make the opponent’s hero flung upwards.

With the combo attack from Guinevere, you can easily stop Odette’s combo attack. Once comboed, Odette will immediately lose in Mobile Legends.

Jawhead As Hero Counter Odette ML

jawhead mobile legends

Of course, the next one is one of the best fighter heroes in season 18 at the moment. Jawhead is one of the fighter heroes with excellent initiator abilities.

To defeat Odette, he can activate his ejector skill and throw Odette wherever he wants. After being thrown, Odette’s attack will fail and then just attack it.


Tigreal is one of the tanks that has a complete CC attack, this one hero has airborne, stun, and slow effects on his opponent.

Now to counter Odette, you can use either the ultimate attack, or use the tigreal second attack skill. With this attack, you can easily counter Odette in Mobile Legends.


Helcurt can blink from a distance, allowing him to get close to Odette with ease. Besides that, you can also give silent, with very high burst damage to attack it.


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Beatrix has many weapons that you can use to attack Odette. You can attack from a distance, or attack from with high burst damage.


Lesley is a strong marksman burst hero. This one hero can attack enemies from a distance with high damage. Odette will have difficulty attacking Lesley, because her attacks are difficult to reach Lesley.


Weaknesses of Pharsa as a Mage in Mobile Legends

Pharsa has the ultimate skill, whose reach is further than Odette. This allows him to attack Odette more easily. In addition, Pharsa also has a stun skill, which can make Odette stop moving.


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Lolita is an anti-Marksman tank hero who has a strong stun skill. He can approach Odette easily, and make him stop using Ultimate skills.

So, those are some of the best Odette heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use. Hopefully, the presence of the above reviews can be useful, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Stay tuned for more updates and see you on my esports instagram!