10 Hero Counter Popol And Kupa Mobile Legends (ML)

Popol and Kupa are the newest marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. Popol is the mobile legends marksman hero role he uses while Kupa is his pet. These two characters are quite strong heroes because they have high damage and fast farming. This time there is a Hero Counter Popol And Kupa Mobile Legends that you can use to fight Popol and Kupa ML.

Even though it looks perfect because it just came out, this mobile legends hero actually has a strong counter when fought. Popol who is very susceptible to being killed type Kupa is off side to be a major factor. This can be used by many heroes.

List of Hero Counter Popol And Kupa Mobile Legends

This hero is indeed very terrible. Popol and Kupa can be used as a marksman and even support. You must counter this with some of these heroes;

  1. Carmilla
  2. Bruno
  3. Franco
  4. Moskov
  5. Aldous
  6. Kaja
  7. Ling
  8. Saber
  9. Benedetta
  10. Gusion

Esportsku summarizes these heroes so that you can counter Popol and Kupa. Very strong and effective when used.

Here we will give 5 Hero Counter Popol And Kupa in Mobile Legends.


5 Hero Counter Popol And Kupa

Popol and Kupa, who often cling to Carmilla, are very disadvantageous because when the teamfight comes she is very scary.

Carmilla can use ulti to give effect link which is fatal when teamfight, especially when enemies gather. The damage from the Carmilla team is very high if many gather when the ulti is active.


5 Hero Counter Popol And Kupa

Bruno, who is the marksman hero with the highest crit damage in the game, can easily win against Popol. This is because in terms of damage Bruno is indeed the highest, but that’s not all.

Bruno has a dash skill that is useful for attackingkite Bruno’s kupa and ulti were very strong. Bruno’s ulti that bounces continuously is very deadly if Kupa and Popol are gathered and this will increase Bruno’s damage. This marksman hero is a very vicious Popol And Kupa Counter Hero, so you have to be careful.


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Popol can be said to be a useless hero without Kupa, and actually Kupa is easy to kill. Franco can take advantage of this by tugging between these two targets and giving his team the advantage.

Franco can hook Popol if he can because Popol is very vulnerable to death. If Kupa dies Popol is also useless in teamfight. This hero can be the fierce Hero Counter Popol And Kupa.


Moskov is the hero who has the next advantage against the two of them. Moskov greatly benefited from his passivity and stun skills.

It was easy to shoot at Kupa and the one who died was Popol because Moskov’s damage penetrated the target. In addition, a good position can make Moskov dangerous if both targets are stuck and make it a Hero Counter Popol And Kupa.


The very weak and easy-to-kill Popol can be used by Aldous. Popol is on off side from the reach of his team is very fatal because it can easily be solo killed by Aldous.

With Aldous Popol’s ultimate -> S1 combo, it will be easy to die in an instant. So you have to be careful with this Hero Counter Popol And Kupa.


Next is Kaja, which is the best hero counter that you can use to beat Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends. With this one hero you can attack and pull Popol and Kupa in a place without being caught by Kupa.

The method is quite easy, you only need to target Popol by ignoring Kupa, then do a lot of damage to the hero, and you can beat him simultaneously. This hero will be weak without Kupa.


Next is Ling who is one of the best heroes that you can use as a hero counter for Popol and Kupa in the Mobile Legends game. Ling’s hero ability is very good for attacking opponents who often take cover behind.

The method is very easy, for you Ling users just aim for Popol in the back area with your second skill, then Popol and Kupa attack with the best combination of hero Ling, if Kupa gets close to you next, just run away.


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Saber is a very good hero for you to use as a hero counter for Popol and Kupa in the Mobile Legends game. This one hero is arguably the best of the other hero counters.

Make sure you activate lock mode, then just target and lock Popol, do a combo attack using the ultimate Saber hero, then you can easily beat Popol and Kupa in the match.


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Benedetta is one of the best heroes you can use as a hero counter for Popol and Kupa in matches in Mobile Legends. This one hero can easily target Popol and Kupa’s heroes in Mobile Legends.

You can use a combination attack which can move quickly, the ultimate Benedetta skill will also really help him to inflict enormous damage with just one attack.


Lastly is Gusion, who is a very tough assassin hero to attack Popol and Kupa. You can take advantage of Gusion’s first skill which can target one opponent’s hero very accurately.

By using Gusion you will be able to focus on attacking Popol and ignoring Kupa’s heroes, that way you can defeat Popol and Kupa’s heroes in matches easily.

That’s a line of Hero Counter Popol And Kupa that can easily count Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends. This hero who has high damage is very vulnerable to being killed and used by his counter opponents. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!