10 heroes in Mobile Legends that don’t have to be fast hands to play them, easy heroes!

Do you want to play Mobile Legends, don’t need to be complicated or don’t have to fast hand? Here are 10 heroes Mobile Legends who don’t have to be fast hand to play it, easy heroes!

Maybe some of you want to play Mobile Legends without bothering to have to Fast Hand or move fast.

Therefore, here SPIN Esports will provide a list of 10 heroes ML you don’t need Fast Hand to play it, you can play while eating, hahaha!


Skin Epic Shop ML
source: uhdpaper.com

Spam skill 2 in the middle then skill 1 and if there is a new enemy skill 3 then you can be considered good at playing Nana, if there is an enemy who is not calm, Nana has a passive which makes him not immediately die.


Advance using skills, advance using skills, playing Uranus is all there is without having to fast hand pressing skills.


It doesn’t feel like it’s not saying that you don’t enter Hylos, yep, this hero is the easiest way to play it doesn’t have to be Fast Hand, you just have to plug in the body, press the skill, etc. it’s done.


There is an enemy skill 1 or skill 3 then when you are dying skill 2, that’s how to play Khaleed which is very easy.


You just need to press the skills when fighting without having to move here and there to play it.

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Popular ML Hero in Rank Season 19
source: uhdpaper.com

Skill 2, hit with skill 1 then hit with skill 3, that’s how to play Johnson without the need for fast hands at all.


You just need to press the skill while continuing to move so you can use Irithel easily.


Keep hugging on the grass, there is an enemy stun with skill 2 then skills 1 and 3 are finished. No need to move here and there.


Back and forth, that’s how to play Lesley without having to issue any skills or move swiftly anywhere.

Yu Zhong

offlaner hero meta season 19 mlbb

You just have to thump, so you can play this hero without having to Fast Hand.

Actually, Fast Hand heroes are mostly for assassin heroes and there are also many more heroes Mobile Legends You don’t need Fast Hand from the list above to play it but according to SPIN Esports.

The heroes above are the easiest to play without even the need for Fast Hand. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other recent updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.