10 Indonesian Esports Athletes with the Highest Income Until 2020 | Page 2 of 2

5. Microboy (87 thousand USD)

Bigetron Microboy

Support from Bigetron RA team, Microboy underwent extraordinary results and earned 87 thousand USD. For 2020 alone, Microboy won 31 thousand USD.

4.Ryzen (110 thousand USD)

Bigetron Ryzen hacked

One of rusher best in the world, namely Ryzen made it in top 4 by getting 110 thousand USD. In 2020 Ryzen earns 31 thousand USD from tournaments.

3. Zuxxy (114 thousand USD)

Zuxxy PMGC 2020 Highest Earning Esports Athlete

One of scouter best in the world, Zuxxy was ranked 3rd with an income of 114 thousand USD. He also managed to get 31 thousand USD throughout 2020 from the tournament.

2. Luxxy (114 thousand USD)

Bigetron RA Luxxy Highest Earning Esports Athlete

In-game leader Bigetron RA and Zuxxy’s twin, Luxxy, managed to get the same income as Zuxxy, namely 114 thousand USD. Just like other Bigetron RA players, Luxxy also won 31 thousand USD in 2020.

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1. BnTeT (168 thousand USD)

BnTeT Highest Earning Esports Athletes 2020

1st place was won by a professional CS: GO player who was already in luck, namely BnTeT with an income of 168 thousand USD.

Although this year separated from Gen.G, BnTeT itself won 31 thousand USD throughout 2020.

Those are the 10 Indonesian esports athletes with the highest income throughout 2020, which one is your favorite?

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