10 Tips TheXclusiveAce Style To Be Good At Playing Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

By doing a series release Call of Duty new every year, more and more people around the world hype and try to play this popular one especially during the holiday season like a new year moment.

Meanwhile CoD has many experienced players and veterans who alone are able to dominate the lobby public match.

Black Ops 4

But those of you who are just playing this game don’t need to worry, YouTuber Channel CoD ‘TheXclusiveAce’ has released 10 important tips that players should keep in mind while playing Black Ops 4.

Eitsss, although the 10 suggestions will help your beginners who are also getting good and good, how come they can follow the tips for improving your game.

  • Always take care of your friends, due to a draw Black Ops 4, the time to kill enemies is like longer than the previous series. So it’s important for you to keep your teammates so that you don’t outnumber.


  • Try not to use Body Armor, although this is a powerful Gear it can only help you once in a while, while other Gear such as Stim Shot and Acoustic Sensor can be used more than once and is more effective.

Black Ops 4

  • Attachments> Perks. Attachments are much more powerful than deep Perks Black Ops 4, so it’s usually better to use class points for attachment.
  • Use Gung-Ho. Speaking of perks, Gung-Ho is tier-2 which has many advantages, including the ability to fire your weapon while running, and move at full speed when running reload.
  • Don’t use Ghost. Unlike a series CoD previously, Ghost in Black Ops 4 useless because it’s only active when you guys are full sprint. This means that whenever you stop running the enemy UAV will track you down.

  • Don’t Forget Heal. For this there is no need to doubt, of course you have to remember to heal under any circumstances.
  • Take advantage of the existing map. By using the map, if a battle occurs you will easily find protection or even find your opponent’s gap.
  • Adjust Your Sensitivity. The name is also an FPS game, of course this is crucial considering that everyone has characteristics aim different.

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  • Use a launcher whenever possible. Launcher here plays a big role if you are able to use it to reverse the score.
  • Learn from mistakes. Mistakes are able to forge you to be the best, of course it is not wrong to associate it with the adage, “The best teacher is experience.”
how to play callofduty blackops
Source: Call of Duty

So, here are tips for those of you who are just learning or want to get deeper into it CoD BO4, I hope you guys get better!

Remember, you have to buy the game, so those of you who haven’t saved up yet, wow. Don’t pirate the game either, sorry for that later developer do not eat you plow the game.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda