15 years old CS: GO player from The Prime, Oliver “budimeister” Budi

The CS: GO realm in Indonesia has recently been enlivened by many esports organizations that have raised the roster of their choice. Just say it PG.BarracX, TP.NND, EVOS, and some well-known names who haven’t officially announced their roster yet. They did not come without reason to CS: GO.

There are many reasons for them to enter the CS: GO realm, one of which is seeing the potential that CS: GO has in the future, the need for the regeneration of young talents in CS: GO, or maybe preparation for the event. IESPL which will be announced in August.

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Because we were curious, we also had the opportunity to chat with one of the players from a well-known team, The Prime Esports, namely Oliver “budimeister>” Budi Wangge about the future of CS: GO in Indonesia.

Hello Budi, can you introduce yourself first?

“Oliver Budi Wangge Cave. I am 15 years old. Many are known as budimeisters and in the past, many knew them because I opened a rank boosting service at CS: GO, but now I don’t have to post anymore because I focus on going pro. “

How did you get to know CS first and when?

“At first I often played PB. Buying CS: GO for fun, uh, have been addicted to playing until now. When I started playing CS: GO, it was around 2015 when I entered junior high school. “

Initially, did you dream of becoming a pro player? And why are you now able to enter the professional realm?

“At first, I didn’t think about becoming a pro player. I played a lot of games first, one of them is CS: GO. I played CS: GO just to take it easy with my friends … The longer I played CS: GO I felt like I had talent in this game. So I decided to focus on the CS: GO competitive scene since mid-2017 and now I can join the team that I think is big in Indonesia. “

In Indonesia, it’s not a secret that only a handful of esports organizations can be said to be professionals. And one of them is ThePrime Esports. How do parents react when they find out that their child has entered ThePrime? Do you have any objections?

“At first I really objected because my parents didn’t understand anything about esports, but I explained it in such a way and finally I was told to choose myself whether to join or not. They said the important thing was that the school had to keep going well, and I was sure that one day I could be proud of my parents in the field of esports. “

In your opinion, what is the current CS: GO esports ecosystem like, especially in Indonesia?

“I think CS: GO esports in Indonesia is compared to CS: GO esports outside, in Europe, for example, there has been growing very rapidly. Meanwhile in Indonesia, there are still many people who don’t understand esports, especially in the CS: GO game. Plus the holding of big tournaments is still very few every year in Indonesia. “

In recent months, many esports organizations have entered the CS: GO realm, what do you think in the next 1-2 years about CS: GO in Indonesia regarding its players, and esports itself.

“If there is an intention from the players themselves to be serious in esports and our government is also full of support in expanding esports in Indonesia, I am sure that in the next few years the esports scene in Indonesia can catch up like the esports scene abroad. Even now, there are already several Indonesian players who have been recruited by big teams from China, and the results are now they can compete with world tier 1 teams. “

The team fronted by Budi, Steven, Ryo, and Sergio won third place under Alter Ego Esports in the local CyberGym CSGO Tournament.

How seriously do you work on ThePrime CS: GO with other friends, in training, and in their struggles.

“I and my friends in ThePrime team have made a suitable training schedule for all ThePrime CS: GO players. Plus because there are still school, including the cave. Talking about practice, it’s really serious here when talking about strategy or whatever. There are no more lazy words in this team. We are all committed to be the top team in Indonesia and outside Indonesia. “

What’s the biggest hurdle on this team? And if the biggest obstacle has started to get smaller, for example this team is already in “Full Potential”, the target in CS: GO Indo is in the top rank?

“The biggest obstacle in my opinion is getting chemistry in this team because this team is also very new, so the teamwork is still not perfect. At least top 5 Indo, if possible, top 1 Indo “

What would you like to say to ThePrime Esports fans out there?

“Continue to support The Prime Esports team in all divisions, especially the CS: GO division which has just been created so that it can become a strong team at the national and international levels, stay psssttt”

That’s a little bit of our chat with one of the players ThePrime Esports CS division: GO.

Let’s hope that the newly formed CS: GO Indonesia Association can encourage young talents in the realm of CS: GO Indonesia to be able to develop and not be afraid to go professional.

Edited by Jabez Elijah