2 Differences between AKM PUBG Mobile and AK47 Free Fire

Battle royale games are on the rise lately and two of the favorites are PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. Apart from all the differences, these two games have many similarities, especially in battle royale-style gameplay. In addition, the weapons provided are similar because they are based on real military weapons. This time we will provide a comparison of AKM PUBG Mobile with AK47 Free Fire regarding differences in stats and differences in performance when used.

Weapons are important items that you must prepare in a strategy when playing battle royale games. Starting from knowing where to get weapons to stats and weapon characteristics.

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are two of the many games with the battle royale genre that have sprung up today. In fact, you could say that these two games were the originators or the biggest influence of the emergence of various battle royale games now due to the success of both of them.

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Comparison of AKM PUBG Mobile and AK47 Free Fire

Since the days of Counter Strike (CS) on PC, we used to find military weapons that are based on real military weapons. AK is a weapon that is familiar to us gamers because this weapon is most often present in various war games.

This weapon is also present in two of today’s favorite battle royale games, namely PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. It’s just using a different type of AK weapon. At PUBG Mobile we know AKM while in Free Fire we know AK47.

AKM in PUBG Mobile is explained down to the type of bullet, namely 7.62mm. This Assault Rifle (AR) type weapon has damage of 48 with a high rate of fire. Magazine of 30 with a maximum magazine of 40 with additional magazine attachments. The recoil of this weapon is quite high. There are 3 attachment slots that can be used on AKM.

AK47 in Free Fire has damage of 61 and a fairly high rate of fire. Magazine at 30 and is good for medium attack ranges. The drawback of this weapon is its low accuracy.

Regarding stats, it is certainly different, except for a magazine of 30 which is indeed a common size for AK weapons. Damage is different, but unfortunately the size of damage in PUBG Mobile for damage of 48 is quite painful compared to the size of damage of 61 in Free Fire.

What these two games have in common with this AK weapon is that it is difficult to use or control. In Free Fire it is due to the low level of accuracy of the weapon which makes this weapon less stable when used. Whereas in PUBG Mobile it is caused by a high recoil level so it is less stable when shooting.

For Free Fire, the anticipation of a low level of accuracy is only with the game’s skill from the player. Meanwhile, in PUBG Mobile, anticipating a high recoil level can use a compensator type attachment which is useful to make the recoil more stable.

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That’s the comparison of AK weapons in PUBG Mobile with Free Fire. The difference in stats is of course different sizes according to the rules of the game in the game. Thank you!