2 Important Players Alter Ego Rumored to Have Rest After MPL ID Season 7

Alter Ego seems to be losing 2 important players after the MPL ID Season 7 tournament. Who are these 2 important players?

There is no doubt that Alter Ego is currently a strong Mobile Legends team in Indonesia or even in the Southeast Asia region.

Alter Ego also accompanied Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Hoshi in the 2nd Mobile Legends world championship entitled M2, in which RRQ Hoshi won the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 6 and Alter Ego as the champion. runner-up.

In the upcoming MPL ID Season 7, Alter Ego also remains the favorite candidate for the champion to see how compactness is rooster Alter Ego.

Unfortunately, there are rumors that 2 important Alter Ego players, Udil and Ahmad, will be taking a break from scene competitive post MPL ID Season 7.

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Alter Ego MPL ID Season 7

Ahmad chose to take a break after the MPL ID Season 7 while Udil said Ahmad was likely to retire.

“For other tired reasons, I’m actually tired of wanting to take a break first. It’s just that you don’t know season 7 later.

It’s still gray. If the cave is rich like that … the most stuck break is still a small chance, because it’s a possibility, it’s likely that Udil will be the last season 7, “said Ahmad to Empetalk.

Investigate, many have linked udil to retiring because he just got married on December 27, 2020 yesterday.

If Alter Ego loses these 2 players, then Alter Ego will have PR to find a replacement as soon as possible. Do not forget to also congratulate Udil who is married, I hope you will always be happy!

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