2 Indonesian Amateur Teams Are Ready To Fight!

The Omen Challenger Series organized by Omen by HP will take place on 2 November.

This tournament is a tournament that is devoted to amateur teams who are involved in gaming PUBG, There will be 20 amateur teams from 10 countries participating in this tournament.

Omen Challenger Series
Source: omengaming.co

This tournament will be held for 3 days in Bangkok, Thailand. Consists of 12 rounds; 6 rounds at Erangel and 6 rounds at Miramar and will play in mode First-Person Shooter (FPP).

Indonesia itself will be represented by 2 amateur teams that have escaped Indonesia Qualifier who fought long for 3 days from 12-14 October 2018 yesterday.


Fighting from the group stage there are 80 teams divided into 4 groups, 20 teams in each group and the top 5 teams from each group will compete again in final day to fight for 1st and 2nd place winners to represent Indonesia in event this sizeable amateur.

Source: MineskiTV ID

The team that has the right to represent Indonesia is the team Safety First and team PUBG Indo Fun (PIF), they managed to perch at number 1 and 2 of the 20 teams competing in final day.

Safety First has the right to qualify for its achievements from the 6 rounds competed. They managed to get 2x Chicken Dinner in a long round, namely in the first and last rounds.

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PIF itself arguably found a very difficult step because they never got a Chicken Dinner from these 6 rounds, but in each round they can appear consistently to finish in the top 5 and get kill which is quite a lot.

The following is the list of players from the two teams that will compete

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omen of the challenger series Indonesia
Source: PUBG

The 20 teams that will compete in the 2018 Omen Challenger Series will compete for prizes in total US $ 50,000 or around Rp. 761 million with the following details:

  1. Champion number 1 – US $ 20,000
  2. Runner up – US $ 10,000
  3. 3rd place – US $ 5,000

Here are the details of the tournament that will be held in Thailand:

  • Location: Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
  • Time: November 2 – 4 2018

Congratulations to both teams! Have a good competition and hopefully you can make Indonesia proud in the international esports scene!

Edited by Yubian A. Huda