2 Interesting Things in Roster Aura MDL, Female Players and Public Heroes

Roster Aura MDL does present an interesting surprise. On Friday (12/02), the official MDL @ mdl.indonesia account gave an announcement regarding rooster several teams participating in the MDL Season 3. One of the teams that has been announced the roster is Aura and it turns out that it grabs the attention of many people because there are several interesting things there.

For the roster itself, it was filled by Druu, Variety, Snow, Arjunee, Colddd, and Hanako, quite different from the previous season.

The first interesting thing is the presence of Colddd, Colddd’s name itself was originally known first because even though he was still relatively young, he had become global top Alucard.

Because of his fame, Aura recruited him, at first Colddd’s position in Aura was questioned by many people because Colddd never played in Aura, many thought Colddd was just Aura’s talent at that time.

aura mdl
Source Instagram @ mdl.indonesia

Now we will be able to see Colddd in the official tournament, namely MDL Season 3. This participation will also be the debut tournament for the boy to global Alucard.

Besides that, another interesting thing is that Aura has 2 female players on her roster, namely Snow and Hanako. Indeed, there is no prohibition for that, but the presence of two female players is indeed unique news because it can be said that for now only Aura Esports has female players on its MDL team.

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Aura himself previously won an achievement, namely becoming the second winner for the NMA event and of course they want to be more developed in the future.

Will the boy appear later global top Alucard and the presence of two female players will make Aura Esports a strong competitor?

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Editor: Yubian Asfar