2 more days! The First Vainglory World Championship Will Begin

For the first time in history, Vainglory will be crowned the official world champion.

The event will be held from December 2-4 at the TCL Chinese Theater Hollywood, California, where the 12 best teams in the world will meet in person and compete for the first Vainglory world title.

The Vainglory World Championship is a sign, dedication and seriousness of Super Evil Megacorp as the Vainglory game developer to make the game mobile this is an e-sports branch that should be reckoned with in the future. Never before had so many talented players gathered in one place, and for sure this is an extraordinary moment to be able to determine the best team in the world.

Vainglory World group

12 teams from all over the world who will compete in The World Championship

Event schedule

  • Day 1 is the group match stage, three teams in each group will compete to collect points. Teams that are on the first and second seed of each group will advance to Day 2.
  • Day 2 is Elimination Day, consisting of 8 teams qualifying on the previous day which will compete with the knockout bracket. At the end of Day 2, there will only be 4 teams left.
  • Day 3 is “Life or death“, Which includes the Semifinals (Bo5) and Grand Final (Bo7).

Note: All game times marked with an * will be played on other live channels.

DAY 1: Saturday, December 3 starting at 02.00 WIB:

Time Group Game Details
03.00 D Velocity vs Hunters
03.30 * C Winner of Match 1 vs GankStars Sirius
04.30 B Team SoloMid vs Hack
04.30 * D Winner of Match 2 vs RED Canids
05.30 A Team Secret vs Phoenix Fleet
06.00 * B Winner of Match 4 vs GankStars Cerberus
07.00 * A Winner of Match 6 vs ViVianne
07.00 C The loser in Match 1 vs GankStars Sirius
08.00 D The loser in Match 2 vs RED Canids
09.30 B The loser in Match 4 vs GankStars Cerberus
10.30 A The loser in Match 6 vs ViVianne
12.00 Tiebreaker if necessary

DAY 2: Sunday, December 4 starting at 03.00 WIB:

  • Tiebreaker if necessary
  • Quarter-finals 1: Group A’s first seed vs. the second seed group D
  • Quarter-finals 2: Group C’s first seed vs. the second seed group B
  • Quarter-finals 3: Group B’s first seed vs. the second seed of group C
  • Quarter-finals 4: Group D’s first seed vs. the second seed of group A.

DAY 3: Monday, December 5 starting at 03.00 WIB:

  • Semifinals 1 Winner Quarter-finals 1 vs. Quarter-finals 2 (5 matches)
  • Semifinal 2 Winner Quarter-final 3 vs. Quarter-finals 4 (5 matches)
  • Third Position Determination (1 match)
  • Final (7 Matches)

Time and Place to Watch

The competition will be held live at the TCL Chinese Theater, Hollywood! Tickets are sold on Eventbrite.

Or the match will also be broadcast live on twitch.tv/vainglory.


2016 World Championship Schedule

First-ever Vainglory World Championship Coming to Hollywood