20 Years of CS, Valve Launches Big Update for CS: GO

Just a few days ago League of Legends At the age of ten, a few days later the legendary FPS game that all gamers around the world must have played. Counter-Strike at the age of 20, perhaps a lot older than some of RevivalTV’s readers.

To celebrate the 2 decades they just stepped on, Valve decided to launch a update for CS: GO which is expected to bring players back to the good times of the early skyrocketing name popularity Counter-Strike as well as the official launch of the new version of Cache which some time ago was showcased in ESL One New York.

source: Dexerto

First there is CS20 Weapon Case, CS20 certainly stands for Counter-Strike 20th. In this case you will see several skins that immediately remind you of the maps that were available at that time Counter-Strike 1.6 and some iconic moments in the history of CS development over the past 20 years.

Not only that, Valve also provides premium gold skins for FAMAS and series skin Modern knives are available for classic knives, then also some sticker new.

After a long wait, Cache has finally been worked on and will now be rolling out to the public server CS: GO with a variety gamemode which can be played there, namely Casual, Deathmatch, and Scrimmage. Yes, you can’t play the new Cache in yet competitive for now.

This is because the map designers are Shawn “FMPONE“Snelling and Sal”Volcano“Garozzo is likely still changing things for the sake of it balance and minimizing the number bugs in a competitive match.

source: Valve

Are you ready for the money to buy up CS20 case which contains nostalgic skins and trying to play in the new Cache in this anniversary update?