3 Reasons the Draft Pick Process is Very Important in Mobile Legends

Don’t take it lightly, here are 3 reasons why the draft pick process is in Mobile Legends it is very important.

Mobile Legends is a moba game that plays a strategy to win it. Too bad there are still many players who only mature mechanics rather than strategy.

This can be seen from the draft pick process of those who like tires and picks only.

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Now regarding that SPIN Esports will give 3 reasons that the hero pick draft process is very important in Mobile Legends.

Keys to Winning Games

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The first reason is the key to winning the match. This is evident even in the pro MLBB scene.

The smarter you are during the draft pick process, the better your hero picks will be and have a greater chance of winning the match.

Counter Hero Opponent

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So, during the draft pick process, you can also know which counter heroes are for this and that hero. So there is no reason the hero is too OP and there is no counter.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

This second point has to do with the first point, pay attention to the hero chosen by the opponent and choose the hero counter.

Know What Strategy Is Playing

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The last reason is that you can know what strategy to play. Suppose the domination strategy is in the early game or in the late game.

It all depends on what hero you choose during the draft pick process.

Those are some reasons why during the draft pick hero process it is very important Mobile Legends. Do you want to add something?

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