3 Reasons The Sixers Should Trade Ben Simmons If Not Winning The Title

Everyone expected the Philadelphia 76ers to be championship challengers, but they haven’t looked that way for most of the season. That gives the Sixers reason to trade Ben Simmons, if not win the Championship.

They actually have a very high chance of fighting for the Championship, but starting this season they are not very consistent in playing and they seem to lack chemistry.

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It is often aimed at two of their superstar players, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. These two All-Stars players can do a lot to influence the game, but the Sixers may be looking to make some big changes if they don’t win the title this year.

With top teams such as the Lakers and Bucks in a better position to compete for the title, the Sixers may have to be forced to embark on new plans. It is rumored Joel Embiid will be traded but moving him may not be the best idea. Maybe even better ones to trade are Ben Simmons if they want to earn title to Philadelphia, here’s the reason.

1. Ben Simmons Can’t Shoot

The biggest knock on Ben Simmons’ play is that he is unable to threaten the players from the perimeter, i.e. Simmons cannot shoot. And the team has no problem letting it take long-distance jumpers.

It’s time we finally understood that this is Ben Simmons and he will never be able to shoot well from deep. Even though he does almost everything well on the pitch, it will not work for the Sixers. The point guard in the NBA today must be able to manage the distance, because the team can focus on the star players who are better than before.

Covering the likes of Embiid and Harris will leave the team open to plenty of opportunities from Simmons. Moreover, losing Jimmy Butler, they needed scoring and perimeter shooting.

2. Build Around a Better Joel Embiid

While rumors suggest Embiid will be a defensive player and Simmons should be the player they are considering. Embiid is simply a better player than Simmons and can have a bigger impact on the pitch.

Not only can Embiid shoot better than Simmons but he can also handle the ball and score almost whenever he wants. Not to mention, Embiid can rebound and its defensive paint is better than most Big Man in the NBA.

While Simmons has valuable playmaking, especially during the break, Embiid has several abilities that Simmons may never be able to achieve. Letting Embiid be the focal point of the team and surrounding him with shooters might be overwhelming. The Sixers must collect a number of long-range shooters to help Embiid’s skills in paint.

3. High Trade Value

Simmons will have enormous trade value across the league, although most GMs will probably claim Embiid is the better player in injury history and his style of play may not accumulate trade value the way Simmons did.

Most teams need a large player who can defend the perimeter line as well as someone who can control offense. Simmons has these two advantages and is perfect for teams looking for a point forward who may be willing to part with his prized young players and shooters the Sixers need.

He is a very popular player as well and many GMs probably feel that they can develop him into a better player. Moving Simmons to a team of valuable young players and shooters will help the Sixers get the share they need to perform consistently.

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