3 Reasons Why You Must Watch AIC 2019!

The Arena Of Valor International Championships 2019 is coming soon! 12 teams will compete in Thailand. Result drawing has also come out and EVOS Esports is in Group A.

AIC 2019 is also the tournament that everyone has been waiting for challengers AoV around the world because they can see an exciting match.

You are also obliged to watch AIC 2019 because of course it will be very useful especially if you really want to enter the competitive world AoV. Here are 3 reasons why you must watch AIC 2019!

Knowing Meta Foreign Countries

Source: Youtube Lien Quan Mobile

When we want to be competitive, we will not get away with a meta. By watching AIC 2019 we can see meta which may be different from Indonesia.

AoV have server different so meta outside countries there will certainly be several different ones. This difference is what you can apply to meta Indonesia.

Gameplay Different

Source: Youtube Garena AOV Taiwan

Besides meta, You can also pay attention to a few gameplay implemented by outside players. Just an example gameplay in the country Taiwan has differences with Indonesia.

Taiwan has gameplay that focus on the objective rather than team fight. Some other countries too such as Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Europe, and Japan may have gameplay different.

Get a Gift

Source: Gamebraves

Besides getting some knowledge that you can apply in a competitive manner, you can also get some prizes in game. Garena always prepares several gifts in the form of skin, gem, crystal, and other attractive prizes when you watch the AIC tournament.

So, those are some reasons why you must watch AIC 2019. Let’s support EVOS Esports by watching AIC 2019!