3 Special Free Fire Water Drop Weapons Skins, Must Have FF Players!

Until now, the games that have been presented on the Android platform have become more numerous than before. In here, the game that is presented is indeed quite good and very interesting for us to try. If, for example, all of you want to try an exciting game, you can try downloading the Free Fire game right now. Well, this time there are some Free Fire Special Air Drop Weapon Skins that often appear for you to have.

In the future, the game will definitely be cooler, because the updates provided are always maintained. The latest update last June, it has been tried and felt by all players. So in this way, you will definitely not be bored playing the Free Fire game.

The development of the Free Fire game is quite good and very interesting, so we definitely won’t be bored playing the game. For those of us who play this game, we can get a special water drop. Where it is, contains many cool and interesting items in it.

Now, How to Get Special Water Drops is now known to many players, all you have to do is do this method and get Water Drops that provide lots of discounts. For now too, inside the Air Drop there is a cool weapon skin.

Free Fire Special Cheap Water Drop

There are so many weapon skins, surely all of you will be interested in getting them. On this occasion, we will provide information on Weapon Skins that often appear there. Curious? Check out the article below.

Weapon Skins that Often Appear in Free Fire Special Water Drops

  1. Scar

Scar is the best Assault Rifle, where the ability of this weapon almost matches Groza’s current position. Scar is indeed very good and strong when used properly, now that is what makes this weapon’s skin always enter FF Special Water Drop.

Because it is always used in matches, so of course Garena quite often spawns a lot of weapon skins in this FF Special Water Drop. So, for example, if you are a Scar user and get the Skin offer, don’t waste it.

  1. M1014 As a Special Free Fire Water Drop Weapon Skin that Often Appears

Next, this is a Shotgun weapon that is quite deadly, M1014 has a large enough damage and can kill quickly. Of course, weapons like this will be specific to Rush, especially when used by the character Jota, who is now a meta.

Special Free Fire Water Drop Weapon Skins

Besides Scar, it turns out that the skin for the Air Drop Special Free Fire M1014 weapon is cool, which usually goes into this Special Water Drop. The appearance of the weapon skin is also quite good and very interesting. There are already many players who always get this weapon’s skin, so if so, don’t waste it.

  1. Groza

Next is the FF Groza Special Air Drop Weapon Skin, where the ability of this weapon is indeed quite frightening. This weapon has a stat that is almost perfect as an Assault Rifle, besides that the skin of this weapon is usually present in the Air Drop Special free fire.

Because you can say that Groza is often used in matches. So Garena knows that this weapon is in high demand, so it’s no wonder that Skin from Groza sometimes appears. But if this weapon skin appears, don’t forget to buy it.

The weapon skin that is presented in the FF Special Air Drop is indeed quite good and is given a special offer. If, for example, you are lucky, the price offered can be up to 3 thousand Rupiah. Why are there only 3 here? Because it is the 3 weapons that often appear.

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