3 Tricks, Including Cheats, to Get Permanent Halloween Border Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends re-held event interesting for the players in the framework of Halloween (duration event October 30 – November 6, 2017). Apart from giving the main prize 2 hero selectable permanents (Balmond and Cyclops), at event this time, we can also get a permanent Halloween Border for our avatar.

Full details from event This Halloween, you can read it yourself in 1.2.24 Patch Notes in the game, including the “Trick or Treat” mechanism.

But in short, to get the permanent Halloween Border, you have to be able to cheat 10 in-game Friends by giving Fake Candy and they have to guess it as Authentic Candy.

1. Always Send Fake Candy

Maybe this is the only non-cheating trick we can share. Because you can only get points for Halloween Border by sending Fake Candy and there is nothing in it for you to send Authentic Candy, always send Fake Candy to all friends.

Unfortunately and in fact, giving out Authentic Candy will give no benefit at all to the sender (only for the recipient who guessed it right). In addition, always sending Fake Candy also increases your chances of increasing the number of friends who are tricked – regardless of whether they guess right or wrong.

Fair Warning!

Before you continue reading the next 2 tricks, we have to remind you that these 2 tricks will get rid of the fun and the fun event this. So, if you are more concerned with having a more enjoyable experience, please close this article.

On the other hand, if you are more concerned with a permanent Border Avatar reward, let’s move on.

2. Collaborating with 10 Trustworthy Friends

I think we can all figure out this trick already. Find 10 friends who you can trust, send them Fake Candy and ask them to guess them as Authentic.

Ideally, if you don’t want to be cheated, you should be able to meet these 10 friends outside the game. Meet them, open a game together, and send Fake Candy to each other. Guess the Fake Candy shipment as Authentic. Do this 10 times with different friends. Profit!

3. Create 10 New Accounts as ‘Tipu’ Friends

If you are one of them gamers lonely and friendless, you can use this third trick. Since there are no rules for the level of players or accounts, you can create 10 new accounts to become ‘rogue’ friends.

Ideally, so as not to be bothered, this method can be done using 2 devices. One device for the main account and one device for the new 10. If you don’t have 2 devices, you can use an Android emulator, such as NOX or MEMU on a PC (desktop or laptop).

Create a new account and play the tutorial. Return to your main account, add the new account as a friend and send Fake Candy. Guess the Fake Candy as Authentic when you opened it in the new account earlier.

Repeat this 10 times with 10 new accounts.


Again, we don’t recommend this trick if you just want to have fun with your friends on event this. Plus, trick number 3 is actually really boring.

You can also combine tricks number 2 and 3 if you don’t have 10 friends or don’t want to be bored to create 10 new accounts.