3 Ways to Play Garena Free Fire Like a Pro Player FF!

The Free Fire game has been played by many people in Indonesia, even though it has become a game that is widely played abroad. There are already a lot of ways to play and how to determine to win. Because all of these players have their own way of playing and not all of them are the same to achieve victory. You can follow how to play Garena Free Fire like the existing Pro Player FF.

In this game, there are a lot of Pro-pro players and also a lot of players who are still at the bottom with playing skills that can be said to be sufficient. However, you still can’t beat how to play the Pro Players in an easy way.

Pro Player has several ways of playing which will allow them to dominate the battle very easily. Without even serious injuries. Even so, the name Pro player can also lose, of course. Not all Pro players will win forever, there are also times when they don’t have to rest or lose.

This time, we will provide some tips for you, so you can easily become a Pro Player too. You can also become a Pro player and possibly compete with the Pro Player with how you play each.

How to Play Garena Free Fire Like a Pro Player FF!

  1. Putting Landmine properly and correctly.

The first thing, this has become a very natural thing and is often done by Pro Players to get kills without having to fight, namely installing Landmine in a place or entrance to a building.

Therefore, place a landmine at the entrance to a building so that you can get a kill for successfully trapping the enemy easily. Most people will rush to get into a building, so we are more likely to place it here.

  1. Use a Treatment Gun to Save a Knocked Friend

When your friends are knocked and the location is quite difficult to reach because there are enemies watching you. A treatment gun is very useful in this case.

Using a Treatment gun can make Knock time on friends who are experiencing it longer. You can block his death very quickly. The risk of dying experienced by your friends will be smaller than before.

  1. Raid buildings using Grenades.

Grenade items are items that when thrown will explode and produce considerable damage. This item is suitable for raiding a building. You can throw a grenade into the building and your friends can also enter and attack the enemies inside.

Take it easy, in this game there is no such thing as Friendly Fire, where you can injure friends using weapons or Grenade Items.

When you throw the Grenade and your friends enter. The enemy inside will not have a chance to escape easily because the two of you have already blocked it.

Those are some ways to play Garena Free Fire like Pro Player FF that you can apply to increase your rank and also increase your knowledge in playing!

Greetings, Booyah!

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I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates