3volution Free Fire 2020 Update Released!

Those of you who have tried the July Free Fire Advance Server Update probably already know what will be in the upcoming 3volution Free Fire 2020 Update. However, for those of you who didn’t have the chance to experience the Advance server, don’t worry. Because, a few more features on the Advance server will soon be released on Free Fire itself. Here we will discuss the upcoming Free Fire Update.

In the Advance Server, it looks like we will have a new character in Free Fire. Not only new characters, if you will also get new pets, new weapons, and new map locations too. All these things have been leaked through Garena’s social media and the Advance server has been opened to try out the feature. However, those of you who haven’t had the chance to experience this feature, don’t worry. Because, in a little bit, we will have the big 3volution Free Fire 2020 Update.

As previously explained, we will soon have an update that includes this feature. There’s even better, The update release date looks like it’s already in sight. You will have to prepare space for your cellphone, because the size in the game seems to be very large. This update is not just a regular update, because we will also be holding Free Fire’s third anniversary. We will discuss the event later.

This is the Info Regarding the upcoming OB23 FF 2020 Update Date. This event turns out to be bigger than you thought, because there will be lots of prizes waiting for you. We will provide an update release date and what events will come in Free Fire later. So you may have to pay attention to what’s coming later.

3volution Free Fire 2020 Update Date Released

The 3volution Free Fire 2020 update will be released on August 12, 2020. On that day, you can experience the new features that will be coming to FF.

You may now be able to update. However, we still don’t know how many sizes will be needed later. Maybe around 500MB you need. So, you better get ready to clean your cellphone memory.

Why is the size big, because many things will come in the 3volution FF 2020 Update this time. One of them is the new Map Location until the upcoming new Mode. Not only that, it looks like they will also be reworking the lobby they have now, so it’s not strange if you need a large size on the 3volution Free Fire 2020 Update.

3volution event

This one FF 2020 Update event is called 3volution. This event is a celebration of the 3rd year of free fire. So it looks like we will get lots of prizes and events to participate in. This event will be here, along with the upcoming ob23 update. So, wait for the update at the end of the month.

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That’s the info about the upcoming 3volution FF 2020 Update Date to Free Fire. The event this time is quite big and it would be a shame if it is not followed. It looks like there will be lots of prizes waiting for you too, because the free fire birthday will come soon. Also follow our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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