4 Changes to the Worst CS: GO Team Roster in 2018

In change rooster in a team CS: GO, of course, implied intricate unsolvable reasons.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, these changes can have a big impact on a team’s performance.

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Source: ESL

Many teams have to give up money, as well as the titles they have earned. In 2017, let’s say Fnatic and Gambit made the changes rooster worst. Following this the RevivalTV team presented a series of changes rooster worst team in 2018.

Cloud9 to SK Gaming (Stewie2k & Pull)

Stewie2k moves to Brazil. Source: StarLadder

The move of the Cloud9 team star, Jake “Stewie2k“Yip is one of the worst player moves in history.

The main reason is that at that time, Cloud9’s performance was in the upper hand, even having just won the ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018.

But within 1 month, Cloud9 announced the departure of Stewie2k from his team, followed by his announcement to SK Gaming.

Of course from Stewie2k move to SK Gaming, he expects even better results. Unfortunately, SK Gaming’s performance has not improved after Epitácio left. “TACO“De Melo is arguably the key to the success of the Brazilian team.

MiBR. Source: EsportsHeaven

They tried to present a new IGL, namely Pujan “FNS“Mehta, but still their performance is not as slick as before.

Until now, both teams were winners CS: GO these majors have yet to return to the top 3 of the world. Even Cloud9’s performance slumped into the top 30 of the world after being left by Tarik “Pull“Celik is also on the same team as Stewie today, namely MIBR.

Virtus.pro to mousesports (Snax)

Snax. Source: HLTV

The move of Janusz “Snax“Pogorzelski to mousesports may be one roster move the most expensive that mousesports do.

The reason is, they reportedly spent US $ 290,000 or around 4.1 billion rupiah to acquire a Snax from Virtus.pro.

But within 2 months, he was replaced again by Martin “STYKO“Styk. STYKO is a player who was previously replaced by Snax.


Maybe performance-wise, these changes are fine. But financially, mousesports have to lose quite a lot of money.

They misinterpreted that Snax’s performance would be much better playing for this international team. However due to differences role, the result does not match the expectations of mousesports.

G2 Esports (Ex6TenZ & SmithZz)

Can Shox et al. Can return France back to its heyday?

G2 Esports also made a big mistake in changing it rooster-his. They replace Dan “apEX“Madesclaire and Nathan”NBK-Schmitt with Ex6TenZ and SmithZz which results in G2 Esports unable to compete with the team tier 1 other.

In early 2018 when they were still together, G2 managed to break into the top 10 in the world, and was able to provide resistance to several big teams, namely MIBR.

But after the roster change, they had to admit defeat against teams like NRG, compLexity, even the team from their own country, LDLC. The team as “French Superteam“This should sit nicely in the 28th world ranking today.

Immortals 100 Thieves (kNg-V-)

100Thieves CS: GO. Source: 100T

If you still are familiar with the name 100 Thieves, maybe you already know their trip spent 13 billion rupiah for free in less than 1 month.

They decided to acquire 3 former Immortals players, in order to get the Legends slot at ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018.

But unfortunately, because of the action of one of the players, Vito “kNgV-“Giuseppe is unprofessional, he was immediately kicked out of the team, as well as throwing away their slot at the 2018 ELEAGUE Major Boston.


And within 2 weeks of his departure, 100T officially waived the contracts of the other four players, and officially left the realm of professionals. CS: GO.

Taking rooster ex-Immortals is perhaps one of the 100 Thieves owner’s regrettable attitudes, Nadeshot.


Stewie2k. Source: HLTV

Here we have presented 4 roster move worst in this year. Of course in the next year, there will be more roster move annoying happened.

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But let’s hope that later the teams can evaluate these changes before actually signing the contract.

And also we hope that scene local Indonesia continues to develop and does not encounter cases like the things above.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda