4 Free Fire Camouflage Box Locations for FF Players

Now you have to know, the location of the Free Fire Camouflage Box in Kalahari FF which is quite helpful later. Of course every item that is present in the Free Fire game is indeed quite good and of course very cool for us to use later too. Especially for the future updates that will be present in this game, there will be more and more cool for us to see.

For now, you all have to understand, if there are a lot of updates that come to the Free Fire game and of course it’s cool so we can play it too. All of us yesterday had the new OB23 Free Fire Update, where in this update of course there are many other cool things that can be felt in the game.

Not only that, the item features that are present in the match are also quite good and very cool. You just can’t miss it, because we really have to know the location of the camouflage box on the Kalahari map now. Curious? Check out the article below.

The following are the locations of the FF camouflage box in the free fire defeat:


The first location where there are many interesting things about the Camouflage Box item is Bayfront. Of course in this location we can see, if there is a housing and a tower in the middle. It looks like this used to be the residence of the people on the map, but it has moved and left.

In here we can get looting items easily, one of which is a Camouflage Box. So we all really can’t miss something like this, especially from the Box we can be seen by the enemy. We have to know, that the function of the Box is very similar to Ghillie Bush.

Santa Catarina

Next we move to the Santa Catarina area, where it is indeed a very unique place. Of course you will know that at that place, there is a ship that has been damaged and is no longer used. But in this location, all of us can get looting items which are of course very good.

If you see the housing next to this ship, just go to that place. Because in that place there is a box that we can use to camouflage like Ghillie Bush. So this way, those of you who are already using it, it can be more difficult for the enemy to see.


For this existing location, it is indeed one of the prehistoric places on the Kalahari Map. How not, we can see that there is a giant skeleton of Mammoth bones. That’s why this place is called by that nickname.

We can get high-level looting items from here, so of course you shouldn’t miss the chance to get off here. Not only loot items, but here we can find a box that is used for camouflage from the enemy’s sight later.

Stone Rigde

This last location is in Stone Rigde, so at this place we can know that there are lots of cool loot items that can be taken. Besides that, Boxes are used for camouflage too, there are indeed many in this location. So it really is, we shouldn’t miss it later.

Moreover, these boxes are scattered here, maybe you will be able to find up to 2 or 4 boxes. If for example you see this, don’t forget to use it later. Because that way you will definitely find it easier, to trick the enemies in that location.

Every update that comes, is indeed quite good and very interesting. You shouldn’t miss this, because indeed the items that are present are certainly very interesting. Moreover, items that can help us when competing, of course that way all of you will definitely be even easier to win.

That’s all about the location of the Free Fire Camouflage box for FF Players that you can use to get the box, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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