4 Indonesian Teams Appear in SEA Open Qualifier 2 – Boston Major

Boston Major – Open Qualifier has been started since 2 days ago, and Open Qualifier is divided into 2 sessions 1 and 2. Previously in Open Qualifier 1, only EVOS was able to survive to the top 8 and then defeated by the Acian Arena team.

Image Source, dotabuff.com

It’s a shame, but EVOS and other Indonesian teams still have a second chance at Open Qualifier 2 which has just started, and there are 4 teams that are certainly familiar to you (y).

Image Source, faceit.com

There is Kanaya Gaming, EVOS, Pondok Gaming, and TP.NND. Uniquely, these four teams both jumped straight to round 2, wow, lucky you were together, ahahha.

While still waiting for the opponent in round 1 to fight first, you can watch and directly support Team Indonesia through the RevivaL TV channel: (bit.ly/revivaltvstream), (youtube.com/revivaltvid), happy watching and goodluck for the Indonesian teams who participate and at the Open Qualifier, Boston Major.