4 Million Free Fire Accounts Banned on OB24 FF

Right now there are 4 Million Free Fire Accounts banned on OB24 FF, there really aren’t any players who are still playing using Cheats. This has indeed become one of Garena’s routine activities, because it will be something that can make the Free Fire game even better later. Especially right now, you need to know other information about being banned.

Indeed, the current Free Fire game has got lots of new things and cool changes that we can try later. Of course with this, also know the Latest OB24 Free Fire System yesterday. So with this Free Fire game, it has gotten even better and of course it’s safe for you to try playing later.

For now, my Esports also received news, if the ban happened and it has just been there, there is a description. Curious? we just see the explanation in the article below.

4 Million Free Fire Accounts Banned On OB24

Players who play the Free Fire game until now, are still one of the things that we shouldn’t miss. Because of all the things right now, it is enough to attract the attention of the players in the future. Some of these players play with pure ability, but there are also those who use one of the Illegal programs.

Yup, if you could say this is a Free Fire Game Cheat, where it is quite detrimental to all parties. By using this cheat, it will be easier for you to win. But on the contrary, you are detrimental to other players, where they really want to play casually and don’t lose, instead they meet players who use cheat.

If You Meet A Cheater Again Immediately Report!

For example, if you meet a Cheater, just try to Report the Cheater. Know How to Report Free Fire Cheats, so that later he will be permanently banned. Things like this are things we need to do, so that later we can help Garena’s side in eradicating Cheaters in the Free Fire game.

Now there are more than 4 million players banned due to cheat, which is proven to be using a cheat when playing. Then you also need to know the reason why your Free Fire account is banned, so that later you can avoid things like that too. For the ban that is being presented just now, it turns out that there is a percentage of cheat usage.

Maybe you are also curious about the percentage of free fire cheaters, we will immediately see below.

  • 5% Antenna Cheat
  • 24% Wallhack Cheat
  • 35% Auto Aim Cheat
  • 31% Teleport
  • 2% Others

Then not only that, you need to know that currently there are a total of more than 35% of these accounts that have been deported. Then there are 800 thousand players who have received new penalties, so that they feel deterred from playing with Cheaters in the Squad later.

A system like this has become even more deadly, so you can’t use it. Moreover, don’t underestimate the current Free Fire Cheat, where this is indeed a very detrimental thing in the future too.

You can also read the Risks of Playing with Cheater Free Fire, avoid this because it has not been possible for a long time to happen. Someday you will definitely regret it if you often play with Cheater.

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