5 Android games 2020 without microtransaction, guaranteed total free

Video games are a way for developers to make money. Because of that, almost all games in circulation cannot be played for free. There is always a part of the game that demands payment

If a gamer doesn’t want to pay, he will most likely lose or have difficulty leveling up the game. Not paying means that it will be difficult to develop. Payment in this game is called microtransaction.

That’s why Esportsku made a list of 5 Android games 2020 without microtransaction, totally free. So if you want to play games just like that, you can download these games. Not bad, looking for quality free entertainment.

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is a game that challenges gamers to complete a row of dungeons. Gamers can choose from 4 available missions. Each mission has its own complexities.

The features in this game are complete. You can find level up features, main enemies, monsters, and various other features.

This game is perfect for those of you who want to have fun without microtransaction. Alias, this game is totally free.

A Street Cat’s Tale

Cat’s Tale is an Android game about the experience of a cat. The cat’s mother was hit by a car. So you have to play the cat character to stay tough in facing the harshness of street life.

There are 7 types of ending in the game A Cats’ Tale. It all depends on how you accompany the cat’s life. From looking for food, entering the trash, looking for employers, and many other activities. That’s why this game is suitable for paint lovers, as long as you don’t get bored.



The Underhand is a god-themed cultist card game (CCG). You are required to organize the various cards that you have with one main goal, namely to summon your worship gods.

Even though it looks horror, this game is actually fun too. The important part is, this Android game is totally free.

A Life in Music

This game tells about the experiences of two teenagers with music. The background and the complexity of the stories of the two teenagers make it funny. The mission of the game A Life in Music is to work on puzzles and some of its unique challenges.

The ending of this Android game will be able to make you new. This game can really make you cry to remember your life which is full of wounds.

7 Years from Now

Just like A Life in Music, the game 7 Years from Now has the potential to make you stand out. This game tells the story of the main character who was traumatized and then lost his memory. Sehinggar was forced to return to his hometown to restore his memory.

During the process of restoring that memory, you will play various missions in your hometown. While playing this game, you will definitely remember your family and siblings.