5 Best Disable Heroes in Mobile Legends in 2021!

Here are the 5 Best Disable Heroes in Mobile Legends for the Year 2021 by SPIN Esports.

Heroes with disable abilities are able to have a very strong impact in team fight.

Even this hero is one that is needed from a team to make team fight winnable.

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And here SPIN Esports gives five heroes disable Mobile Legends best in 2021.


Hero ML counter Hayabusa
source: uhdpaper.com

Kaja is one of the best disable heroes, how could he not, Ultimate from the hero has suppress effect which you can’t even get rid of with purify.

Once exposed to the ultimate from Kaja, an interested hero cannot escape using any skill.

It’s not wrong if Kaja is one of the best disable heroes.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

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hero counter franco

Just like Kaja, Ultimate hero Franco also has suppress effect which purify can’t stop.

If you get hit by this skill you will stop and you can do nothing but wait for Franco to finish it.

Franco used to use combo hook skill 2 with his ultimate.


Draft Pick Hero MLBB
source: uhdpaper.com

Apart from the two heroes with suppress abilities, Chou can be said to be the best disabled hero with his The Way of Dragon.

With the hero combo skill from Jeet Kune Do and The Way of Dragon of course the opponent will not be able to avoid it.

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Counter Aggressive Hero Mobile Legends
source: uhdpaper.com

Selena’s stun is still the longest in Mobile Legends. With the maximum distance Selena can provide stun 3 seconds.

Of course Selena users understand this and agree that Selena is one of the best disabled heroes.


Hero Combo Johnson
source: uhdpaper.com

Although rarely used, Saber also has skills that make him the best disabled hero.

His ultimate is capable lock target even though it’s Fanny with the cable will definitely stop if hit by her ultimate.

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