5 Best Hero Fighter in Meta Season 18 Mobile Legends!

Here are the 5 best and strongest fighter heroes in meta season 18 in Mobile Legends today!

It’s been a while since the Mobile Legends meta season 18 is currently taking place.

From there we can deduce some statistics or facts about a hero, for example, the best fighter hero right now.

So far, there are some of the strongest and best fighter heroes in meta season 18, the current Mobile Legends version of SPIN Esports.

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khaleed mobile legends

Here is a list of the 5 best and strongest fighter heroes in meta season 18 Mobile Legends today:


The first hero is Khaleed where this one hero is the king of the hero fighter in the early game.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

His ability is very overpowering during the early game but it goes downhill in the late game.


The second hero is Alucard, after being buffed by Moonton some time ago.

Alucard is now back in the game meta because all of his skills have been upgraded.

You can check here where one of Alucard’s top global players is named Cold, try the Alucard revamp gameplay.


Just like Alucard, after being buffed, Ruby became a mainstay for players.

His drastically increased lifesteal and cooldown duration of his skills are very beneficial for Ruby users themselves.

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Yu Zhong ml

Yu Zhong

Then there is Yu Zhong, who has been amazed since his appearance in the Land of Dawn.

All of his skills are very opaque, especially from skill 2 which can absorb blood from opponents.


Then the last one is Barats, where this hero is very opaque to be a fighter compared to tankers.

The combo of skill 2 and 1 is very deadly and can even kill cores with just a few attacks.

Those are the 5 best and strongest fighters in meta season 18 in Mobile Legends today.

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