5 Best Hero Mobile Legends ONIC Trust Version

As new heroes added and status changed, META began to change. Some changes that were previously considered META heroes, were left out because there were ones that were more suitable and suitable for use.

Most players probably don’t want to be complicated with development, so the heroes they use are classified outdated for META right now. Therefore, here are the 5 best midlanner heroes on the ONIC Trust version that you can try:

5. Gusion – Assassin

Images: Wallpaper Cave

Gusion is the first choice as the best midlane, because he is the hero with the best Mage / Assassin class on META now.

One of which is ultimate his that can make him issue a dagger a second time, so burst damage the resulting one is even higher. Moreover, ultimatecan be used to escape also. By understanding Combo Gusion, it will make the process easier climbing tier you guys head for Mythical Glory.

4. Lunox – Mage

Images: DevianART

Lunox is a Mage that is very easy to use, because you only need to play skill 1 and skill 2.

To maximize it, you also have to be able to set the combo accordingly the stack which he has, which is each the stack different functions. For the yellow one is more inclined towards heal as well as escapewhile the purple one is more to give burst damage high to the enemy.

Therefore, if you can already understand the Lunox combo, it will be very difficult to beat. In fact, even tankers will feel soft when dealing with Lunox.

3. Selena – Assassin

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According to Trust, Selena is the best choice from then until now. Because crowd control skill what he has has a duration stun a very long time. Even on early game even he will be very frightening and deadly.

With you understanding Selena’s combo, on being hit stun from skillThus, the enemy will be very easy to destroy, one of which is a soft hero like Marksman.

2. Harith – Mage

Images: Wallpaper Cave

Harith is a hero who is oftentire on ranked mode. Because besides being easy to use, it also has burst damage which is quite large.

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But that’s not all, Harith can also produce absorb shield which is thick enough, so it will be over sustain against any attack while in battle. Moreover, skill which he has has cooldown which is brief, when in the area ultimate-his.

1. Esmeralda – Mage / Tank

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The last one is Esmeralda, as he has skill that hurts and can produce shield thick one.

Moreover, when you do team fight, it will be very beneficial for Esmeralda, because more and more enemies are hit skill-nya, will be even greater shield which he can absorb. So from that he is one of the strongest heroes in the meta now.

Those are the 5 best midlane heroes on the ONIC Trust veri that you can try on ranked for climbing tier. Which choice do you think?

Editor: Yubian Asfar