5 Causes of AFK in Mobile Legends, Irritating ML Players!

AFK is one of the violations that fall into the serious category in Mobile Legends. Players who carry out AFK will usually be banned temporarily from ranked mode and get sanctions in the form of reducing their credir score to -8 points. AFK is included in the category of serious violations in Mobile Legends because it is very detrimental to his teammates when playing a gameplay. So, here are some of the causes of AFK in Mobile Legends.

Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends in the latest patch designed the Mobile Legends system to be even better to deal with players who often commit serious violations, of course with even harsher sanctions or penalties. The cause of AFK Mobile Legends we will discuss here for you.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation regarding the causes of AFk in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know what causes the Mobile Leegnds player to commit serious AFK violations, let’s just see the full explanation below!

The cause of AFK that annoys you in Mobile Legends

Bad Network

When going to play Mobile Legends, make sure you first check the signal or network you are using is in good condition or not. If there is a disturbance or problem, it will only make you lose money when playing Mobile Legends. Performance will be unstable due to lag problems in the game, it can even make you not move at all. This is one of the factors causing serious AFK violations in Mobile Legends.

Meet Toxic Players in One Team

When you play Mobile Legends and meet Toxic players in a team, of course, it makes you lazy to play because the job is just bad. This of course will make the gameplay conditions become disharmonious and even make your team’s performance decrease drastically. This can be the cause of defeat as well as the cause of AFK in Mobile Legends.

Meeting Selfish Players During Draft Pick

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Sometimes there are players who are very selfish during the draft pick mode in Mobile Legends. Players like this only care about their own heroes without prioritizing a good hero composition in a team. Usually if the hero he wants is not given he will do AFK. This of course is very annoying and can harm other teammates.


Meet the Player Who Trolls

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You must never have found your teammates trolling. Of course this makes your team lose heavily in terms of net worth because there is one player who plays poorly in gameplay. Usually this trolleys makes his teammates die because of his actions or he is intentionally killed by his opponent. Because the cause of this AFK Mobile Legends, there must be your teammates who feel annoyed and decide to AFK.

Meet Buff Greedy Players

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There are also typical players in Mobile Legends who are greedy with buffs. Usually this player is selfish in using buffs. When the buff is littered by his teammates or not given a buff for several times, players like this will get emotional and tend to AFK. Usually, a typical player like this falls into the Boy Player category who only becomes a burden in a team.

Now that’s an explanation of the causes of AFK in Mobile Legends that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Make sure to play correctly so you don’t get a penalty in the form of a credit score reduction in Mobile Legends! Don’t forget to follow my esports!