5 Combo Items for Fighter ML that hurt in Mobile Legends, only 2 items are really strong!

Various interesting heroes and combos are present in the Mobile Legends game. However, you can not only combine the following items, you can also use the following items at the same time to produce very high damage, especially for fighter heroes. Namely using the ombo Item Fighter ML Painful Mobile Legends which we will explain below

The combo item itself is a combination of two items in Mobile Legends. Both items with physical, magic to defense types have their own uniqueness, and will be even more promising if you combine them. especially for the following fighter heroes.

Combo Item Fighter in Mobile Legends

This time some of the strongest item combos that you can use on a Fighter hero. The following two items will be perfect if you use them simultaneously during a team fight in Mobile Legends.

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Bloodlust Ax + Endless Battle

First for lifesteal there is Bloodlust Ax and Endless Battle. These two items are very compatible if you use them together, it will increase the lifesteal of the fighter hero you are using.

Bloodlust Ax increases Lifesteal when using skills and Endless Battle when casting Basic Attacks. Of course by using both of them you will get the maximum Lifesteal.

Rose Gold Meteor + Athena Shield

Master of Shield and anti Magic. You can use Rose Gold Meteor with Athena Shield. These two items both have an anti-magic shield that you can use to absorb attacks. Besides that, you have two shields at the same time which will activate when you are actively fighting.

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Blade of Despair + Blade of The Heptaseas

The problem of attack, you can trust these two items. Blade of Despari has the most damage, namely +170 physical damage and Blade of The Heptaseas is quite small, but it has extra damage of +150 when you have issued a skill. Of course, if you combine it, you will get enormous damage, right?

Haas’s Claw + Queens Wings

The advantage of these two items is the increase in Lifesteal when in a certain HP. Hass Claw and Quends Wings have passive skills that can increase lifsteal when HP is below 30%. In addition, Queends Wings also has the resistance of the enemy’s basic attacks so it will be very suitable when used by fighter heroes.

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Immortality + Athena Shield

Finally, there is the absolute defense of these two defense items. Immortality is an item that can provide resurect for 2 seconds when defeated. Then Athena Shield is a formidable defender who can give shields to your fighters.

When these two items are used, it will produce a very strong defense that even refuses to die.

So that’s the best combo item for the fighter hero in Mobile Legends. Which items do you like to use?