5 Developers Ruling the Global Game World

With dozens of game consoles available on the market, it means that there are millions of games on the market. Millions of game titles are provided by many game developers. Both large and small game developers.

There are many game developers standing in the world. Of the many developers, there are several developers who dominate and control most of the global game market. These developers produce dozens of game titles every year.

Esportsku features 5 developers who rule the global gaming world. Let you be aware of the various games that are circulating.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)

Sony Interactive Entertainment is a game developer who really should be on the first list. The problem is this developer produces a lot of game titles and game consoles.

SIE was founded in Japan in 1993. This developer is actually a subsidiary of Sony Corporation. But SIE has produced a new subsidiary as well.

The main character behind SIE’s success is Shuhei Yoshida. He is the main brain of the Playstation game console. In Shuhei’s hands, SIE has become a developer who has changed the color of the global game world since 1994.

Valve Software

Valve Software is known to the world for its most iconic service, Steam. In addition, Valve has released several big and iconic game titles. Valve’s most iconic games are the Half live series, the Dota series, and the Counter Strike series.

Steam, their digital distribution service, is considered the leader of the global digital game distribution service. There are millions of accounts registered on Steam. There are thousands of game titles ready to download, either free or paid.


Nintendo is a big name for game developers and game consoles globally. Had mastered the gaming world in the early 90s, Nintendo made a big comeback again through the Nintendo Wii game console in the early 2000s.

Even though it was under SIE’s shadow, Nintendo managed to achieve its popularity again with the Nintendo Switch in 2019. This game console attracted a lot of people to own it.

Nintendo put out game consoles and hundreds of game titles to play. Mario Bros is still Nintendo’s most iconic game. Followed by Animal Crossing, which has been hype in recent times.

Bandai Namco Entertainment

Bandai Namco is a game developer with various titles for various global game consoles. They produce some iconic games that are hard to forget.

There are Tekken game series, Dragon Ball game series, or One Piece game series. Bandai Namco releases on average in almost all game consoles currently available. Even though they don’t release their own game consoles, the games made by Bandai Namco are always awaited by many gamers.

Electronic Arts (EA)

EA game developer is one of the iconic developers with sports-themed games. Even so, EA also produces various games that are no less famous. Apart from the FIFA Soccer and Madden NFL series, there is also the The Sims series which is really hype. Or the release of the Battlefield game.

EA was founded in 1982 in the United States. This developer develops many games for various types of global game consoles. Almost all gamers must have played one game released by EA. So it’s only natural that this developer is considered one of the key global game players.