5 Differences between AKM and M416 in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile provides various types of weapons and one of them is the Assault Rifle (AR). In PUBG Mobile, there are several types of AR weapons. This time we will write a comparison between the two AR weapons, namely regarding the 5 differences between AKM and M416 in PUBG Mobile.

Weapons are important items that must be prepared in battle royale games like PUBG Mobile. Choosing the right weapon will support your game to the maximum. With the condition that you have qualified skills, of course, in mastering these weapons.

There are various types of weapons in PUBG Mobile. One of them is the Assault Rifle (AR). This melee weapon is indeed a mainstay weapon when doing close combat. Two of the AR weapons are the AKM and the M416. Do you know the difference between the two?

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5 Differences between AKM and M416 in PUBG Mobile


1. Damage

The first is definitely what you want to find out the most, especially if you are a beginner PUBG Mobile player. Indeed, it cannot be denied that many players, especially beginners, always look at weapons based on the level of their damage.

At this point, AKM has an advantage over the M416. That is because the damage it generates is greater, which is 49. Whereas for M416 it only has 41 damage. Good shooting skills are needed to be able to get maximum damage.

2. Magazine

Next, there are points regarding the magazine or the amount of ammunition that can be loaded by the two weapons. For this point, the two are balanced, there is no difference because they both have normal magazines like AR weapons in general. With additional magazines, both of them can have a maximum magazine of 40 bullets.

3. Rate of Fire


Next is the rate of fire for the two AR weapons. The rate of fire for short-to-medium range weapons is very useful for determining the speed of fire and ensuring the resulting damage is perfect. Regarding the difference in rate of fire between the two, M416 is superior because this weapon has a faster rate of fire compared to AKM.

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4. Reload Time

This one point is also important to know so as not to be fooled when playing. The reason is that as long as you shoot during a war without knowing how long it takes to reload a weapon, it will be a great opportunity for the enemy to finish you off.

At this point, M416 is more superior than AKM. That’s because normal M416 reload time takes 2.1 seconds. Meanwhile, normal reload time from AKM can take 2.3 seconds. It’s just a little different, it’s still important to know.

5. Recoil

The last point of difference that we will give here is regarding the recoil of the two AR weapons. As we know, recoil is an important thing that must be considered in determining weapons. Moreover, the recoil level is what affects the stability of the weapon when used.

AKM has a higher recoil level than M416. And it seems that it is common knowledge that AKM weapons are known for their instability when used. Especially when used for long-range attacks.

On the other hand, the M416 is a fairly friendly AR weapon. The recoil level is lower than the AKM. And indeed this AR weapon is quite favored by many PUBG Mobile players, especially those who are beginners.

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Those are the 5 differences between AKM and M416, both of which are two types of Assault Rifle (AR). Apart from the difference, these two weapons are also recommended to be combined. Thank you!