5 Dota 2 Giant Teams That Will Miss The International 8 Event

The International 8 event is the title that the professional team has been waiting for Dota 2 in various regions. Apart from saving prizepool which was fantastic, The International 8 became the main stage for the teams Dota 2 to show off in the ranks of world-class teams.


Then, several names and big teams were also victims. A team that has a long history in the world Dota 2 to the ranks of the winning team at the event.

Here are the big teams that missed the grand event Dota 2 at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, Canada:

1. Alliance

Alliance wins The International 2013 trophy. Source: Dota 2

Who doesn’t know this historical esports team from Sweden? Apart from having won the The International 3 event in 2013, Loda & AdmiralBullDog become a figure that sticks in the minds of esports activists Dota 2 when considering the Alliance team.

Alliance formed after Loda’s failure at The International 2. Loda appeared for Team Zenith at the TI2 event, but the team failed to advance to the semi-finals after being defeated by Team DK.

Loda, who formed the Alliance on April 12, 2013, did not take long to win the Aegis trophy.

The reason is, the Alliance managed to get title The International 3 after defeating the former champion of The International 1, Natus Vincere with a score of 3-2.

Jonathan “Loda” Berg and Alliance after winning the Aegis Immortals trophy at the TI 3. Source: REUTERS / David Ryder (UNITED STATES)

This victory marked the beginning of the Alliance’s revival followed by a series of proud achievements.

Through this heroic victory, Alliance also won many fans and became increasingly famous with hashtags #LongLiveAlliance.


EHOME Roster on The International 6. Source: EHOME Twitter

A well-known esports organization in mainland China is also one of the teams that missed The International 8. EHOME must return home after being defeated by iG.Vitality in the first qualifier and was also beaten by Waoo Team in the second qualifying match.

Although coached by a legend coach Dota 2 from China, Xiao8, EHOME has not been able to show their best game yet. This team is even reinforced by former players Wings Gaming, the champion of The International 6.

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Faith_bian and y ‘ strengthen the team together with veterans Dota 2 from EHOME, old_chicken. But who would have thought that this team of star players would not even be able to qualify for the round main qualifier TI8 regional China.

EHOME roster with Faith_bian (two from the left) and y ‘(two from the right). Source: Dota 2

EHOME itself has a long history at Valve’s The International. They had participated in a series of The International events in 2012, 2015, 2016 and culminated in being runner-up in 2011.

Roster EHOME at The International 2. Source: Dota 2

There has been no further announcement regarding the continuity of the EHOME team after failing to qualify for the grand event Dota 2 the. On the other hand, competition Dota 2 regional China is indeed hot with the appearance of new teams such as Serenity Team and VGJ.Thunder.

3. Team Empire

Team Empire at The International 7. Source: Dota 2

Maybe this team is not very well known, or even a few esports activists Dota 2 who did not know about the team with the hussar logo. Team Empire is a team that has been in the world of esports for a long time Dota 2.

Precisely on December 25, 2011, Team Empire started its journey in the competitive realm Dota 2. However, the team only won its first title after 3 years of division Dota 2 formed.

Team Empire takes its maiden title in the event Dota 2 Champion League Season 3 after beating fnatic.

Team Empire failed to advance to The International 8 after a disappointing performance at the CIS regional group stage.

They are only able to win 2 titles and receive 5 defeats, even losing against the team Digital Dimension which just changed the order rooster they.

Team Empire at The International 7. Source: Dota 2

Team Empire itself had participated in 2 The International events, namely in 2015 and 2017. Even so, they have not been able to do much in the grand event. Dota 2 the.

Team Empire at The International 5. Source: Dota 2

Team Empire’s best score at The International was only able to occupy the 7th / 8th position in 2015.

With rooster which is full of such experiences Ghostik, fn, and Miposhka, Team Empire did appear disappointing in the group stage of The International 8 regional CIS.

4. CompLexity Gaming

Roster compLexity Gaming at The International 2015. Source: GosuGamers

A team from the North American region who missed The International 8 at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, Canada. They became the team that failed to qualify after failing in the group stage and in the playoffs.

CompLexity Gaming appeared strong in the group stage by occupying 3rd place and advancing to the round tie-breaker.

But they have not been able to secure TI8’s first ticket from the North American region after losing twice against Immortals and VGJ.Storm.

Even so, compLexity Gaming still has the right to advance to the playoffs with the top 3 points in the qualifying group stage of The International 8.

Like a nightmare, compLexity Gaming actually lost after losing in the round tie-breaker.

CompLexity Gaming at The International 2. Source: Dota 2

The team should be knocked out on upper bracket with a score of 2-0 after losing to Evil Geniuses. In the round lower bracket, compLexity Gaming also lost against ESL One Birmingham 2018 finalist, OpTic Gaming with a score of 2-0.

Roster compLexity Gaming at The International 2015. Source: GosuGamers

This defeat ensured the absence of compLexity Gaming from the grand event Dota 2 the. CompLexity Gaming division Dota 2 which was formed on February 16, 2012, has attended The International in 2012 and 2015 although it has not been able to do much.

5. Natus Vincere

Na’Vi on The International 6. Source: Dota 2

Yup, one of the teams that you might have predicted will be present in the ranks of the teams that were absent at The International 8 event.

Apart from the fact that this team is doing well in the competitive realm Dota 2 On an international scale, Natus Vincere also assumed the status of the first International champion in 2011.

Besides the achievements of the Ukrainian esports team in the world Dota 2, Dendi also become a player who is closely related to the team. The player who has strengthened the esports team the longest Dota 2 since its formation in 2010.

Dendi who plays with Puppey, KuroKy, ARS-ART to ArtStyle has a wealth of experience in the competitive realm Dota 2.

But unfortunately, Na’Vi has not been able to advance to The International 8 after its poor performance in the round open qualifier regional CIS.

Natus Vincere won The International 2011. Source: Dota 2

In the first qualification, Na’Vi was defeated by a new team of veterans Dota 2, Team Espada with a score of 2-0. Advancing to the second qualifier, Na’Vi returned to appear disappointing after losing to the mediocre team, imagine hehe.

Natus Vincere failed to appear again at the grand event Dota 2 after being absent at The International 7 in 2017.

Their status as a subscription team for The International must be officially released after the failure in 2017.

At its peak, CEO Natus Vincere on the official website of the esports organization decided to deactivate it roster Dota 2 Na’Vi after bad results in the qualifying round of The International 8 regional CIS.

The esports teams above have appeared at least twice at The International and have roster Dota 2 which is still active today.

Wings Gaming won The International 6. Source: Dota 2

Some famous team names to former The International champions such as Digital Chaos, Wings Gaming, Cloud9 has taken off the array rooster them and disband from the competitive realm Dota 2.

Even so, the ranks of the teams at The International 8 event also brought esports teams full of experience and subscribers to champions like Virtus.pro, Team Liquid and PSG.LGD.

Participants in The International 8. Source: Wyk

Instead of dissolving in sadness, it’s better to enjoy a giant team match Dota 2 at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, Canada on August 15-25, 2018.

Will the team from China win the The International 8 trophy? Don’t miss the professional action Dota 2 world class at the event.