5 Free Fire (FF) Characters Awakening December 2020

Here we will discuss about Free Fire Characters Getting Awakening FF at the end of 2020. Free Fire has many characters that you can use. Each character has different skills. You can use the skills while playing and each character has a different way of playing. By relying on the character’s skills, you can play more optimally.

Free Fire has characters that you can use. Here, each character has different skills in use. There are those who are suitable for attacking enemies, and there are also those who are suitable for being Support. There are even skills that can see enemies around you. By utilizing the skills this character has, you can attack or defend against enemies more easily. This is what makes Free Fire unique as a Battle Royal game, with a variety of characters.

There is one character named Awakening. Awakening character is an upgrade from the initial character with better skills. For now, the only ones who have awakening are Kelly and Hayato, so there are no others. With this awakening, the characters become stronger with the new skills they have. With Awakening, the way characters play can change due to changes in their skills. However, we still don’t know for sure who else will get Awakening.

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Here we will discuss about Free Fire Characters Who Are Estimated to Get Awakening in Free Fire. In the following, we will provide a list of characters in Free Fire, who might get Awakening in Free Fire. Most likely the following character, will get Awakening.

Previously, we knew that Hayato and Kelly, who have this awakening, have one storyline in their character bio. It could be, the next character who will get Awakening, a character who has one storyline with Kelly and Hayato.

The following are free fire characters that are expected to get FF awakening in December 2020:


Maxim is one of the Free Fire (FF) Awakening Characters who shares one storyline with Kelly. It is possible that Maxim will get Awakening too, because his skills are not good enough. Maxim’s skill is fairly weak and rarely used, making him also need upgrades and skill replacements. It could be that Maxim will get Awakening too.


Misah is a strong Free Fire Awakening Rusher character using a vehicle. His skill increases vehicle speed and provides damage reduction while in the car. Her skills allow Misha to roam easily, but it’s rarely found either. Maybe Misha will get Awakening too which will replace her skills with better ones.


Andrew is a Free Fire (FF) Awakening character who can guard himself with thick armor. The Durability Vest used by Andrew will not be easily destroyed, making him strong in taking damage. However, his skill was used too rarely, so it made him need Awakening to increase his strength.

That’s info about Free Fire Characters Who Are Estimated to Get Awakening in Free Fire. Characters who have received awakening before, have the same story line. Maybe the next awakening character will take the same story line, so it will be easier to use the character. This is uncertain, so it is not certain that the character will be the next target for awakening. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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