5 Hero Mobile Legends Specialist Solo Ranked by LJ Aerowolf Roxy

In playing MOBA games, of course, mode ranked be excellent for the players, especially as a valuable parameter for professional players. No exception Mobile Legends a game made by Moonton who is entering its golden age in Southeast Asia.

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But it’s not easy to play ranked Mobile Legends when you don’t have teammates. Several types of AFK players, lagging, trolling to the words ‘zoo’ that came out in the session chat tab. Instead of wanting to focus, it feels like getting out of the game is better at seeing a team that is not compact.

This time one of the players Mobile Legends professional, Joshua “LJ”Darmansyah from the Aerowolf Roxy team shared several heroes that might be of use to you players tier Warriors out there, wow.

LJ Aerowolf Roxy. Documentation: MSC 2018

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 heroes Mobile Legends for solo ranked ala LJ from Aerowolf Roxy.

1. Cyclops – Mage

Cyclops Mobile Legends. Source: Moonton

One of the heroes Mobile Legends which is in great demand from various tier circles ranked match. It comes with the stature of a small witch and as the name implies, the one-eyed Cyclops.

Not only because it is unique, damage which hurts too ultimate skill effective to lock the hero movement is able to make LJ recommend this hero … Seeing this is not wrong if Cyclops is one of the best-selling heroes used in Indonesia. ranked match.

Maybe it’s time for you to train hard to master this hero, maybe you have the talent to use that hero.

2. Gusion – Assassin

Gusion Mobile Legends. Source: Moonton

This man with expertise in using daggers and magic is able to attract LJ’s interest. The potential of the hero is also very deep team fight to clash 1v1.

Beautiful game quality is also commonly shown by Gusion users. With burst damage large and high mobility is able to make the hero as a champion customer.

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Unlike some Assassin heroes who rely on sudden ambushes, Gusion is not that type.

Gusion relies on enemy movements as momentum to attack. So don’t go after Gusion too far and alone, maybe that’s what your opponents want.

3. Grock – Tank

Grock Mobile Legends. Source: Moonton

Make no mistake, LJ also includes Tank-type heroes in the ranks of 5 heroes Mobile Legends for solo ranked. Tanks are indeed one of the crucial factors in a MOBA game, they function to provide support and provide initiation first.

Grock is one of the heroes recommended by LJ thanks to his expertise in aggressive initiation from start to finish. Some opponents will have a hard time facing great Grock users.

Able to intercept roads, perform a stunt and increased defense while on the wall. To win the match, you at least need a Tank hero who is able to stop movement and possess crowd control skill.

4. Harley – Mage

Harley Mobile Legends. Source: Moonton

A hero that many players rely on tier This legend to the top is not a surprise to you. With extraordinary abilities effective against heroes of all types, depending on gameplay.

Become a hero that you must learn to reach the Mythic tier. Other reasons are no less great, Harley becomes an agile Mage hero and is able to deceive opponents. Burst damage the big ones are also typical for Mage-type heroes.

But the advantages of mobility are not something you should put aside. The faster you attack and kill, the faster you can rotate.

5. Martis – Fighter

Martis Mobile Legends. Source: Moonton

Hero melee among the ranks of heroes Mobile Legends on top of this is also a consideration of an LJ in fashion ranked match. In this case, of course LJ understands very well about heroes who deserve more attention in team fight.

Then, Martis became one of the key heroes who could do this stealth kill to ‘crunchy’ heroes like Marksman, Assassin or opponent Mage. Skill set effective immunity, a stunt area with fast mobility is also feasible if Martis is in the 5 ranks of this hero.

Despite experiencing nerf of several patch, Martis is quite balanced in some of the current METAs. Practice again so that you are good at using Martis and slowly tier Mythic will come to you.

Above are 5 recommended heroes Mobile Legends for solo ranked in the style of LJ. However, the hero is one of the chess pieces, where in the end a victory returns to the players’ personal abilities.

Jawhead Mobile Legends Tips & Tricks from LJ Aerowolf Roxy

The key is to keep practicing and be persistent in the pursuit ranked Mythic. But don’t forget your obligations at home too, remember Mobile Legends in the end is just a game to entertain.