5 Interesting Facts About the 2019 World Championship

The 2019 World Championship is just a matter of hours before it officially begins. For this year, the World Championship will return to European soil after four years.

There will be 24 teams that will compete for the Summoners Cup and the title as the best team in the world. Different from previous years, this year’s World Championship is predicted to be the most interesting and unpredictable World Championship.

Each region now has its own strengths and tries to develop their own style of play without imitating other regions. In addition, the mapping of strengths also appears to be more evenly distributed than in previous years.

Of course, this year’s World Championship also has a number of interesting facts that you need to know. Here are 5 interesting facts about the 2019 World Championship.

More New Arrivals Teams with Potential Young Players

Source: Invenglobal

Compared to previous years, this year’s World Championship brings in more new teams that have never competed in the World Championship from Major to Minor Region. The new teams were dominated by young players who arrived with players full of potential.

Call it Damwon Gaming, Griffin, FunPlus Phoenix, Clutch Gaming, Royal Youth, Unicorns of Love, MAMMOTH, Lowkey Esports and Flamengo Esports.

Some of these teams are even fully filled with young players who have just started their professional careers in a short span of time.

It is predicted that the presence of these young players will make the competition even more interesting. It is worth looking forward to seeing how these teams perform in dealing with teams that contain more veteran and experienced players.

The Return of Teams That Was Absent in Previous Years

Source: LoL Esports

In addition to presenting debutant teams, this year’s World Championship also brings back teams that had missed the World Championship in previous years.

There is SK Telecom T1 which missed last year’s World Championship because it had a bad season, GAM Esports which was less dominant than its competitors such as EVOS Esports and Phong Vu Buffalo, AHQ Esports Club which was almost delegated last year, and Splyce which finally succeeded in returning to the World Championship. since making his last appearance in 2016.

These teams will definitely make the most of the opportunity to compete in this year’s World Championship. They want to prove that they deserve to be in this tournament and deserve to be counted by their opponents as a champion contender. If they miss this opportunity, maybe in the following year the same opportunity will not come.

Especially for SK Telecom T1, as one of the favorites for the title, it is certain that they want to repeat the success of 2015, where they successfully won the 2015 World Championship on European soil. It is worth waiting for whether SK Telecom T1 will be able to repeat this success this year.

Draft Flexibility and Quick Play are the Meta of the Year

Garen Botlane vs Mordekaiser Botlane in the LEC Summer 2019 Playoffs

One of the reasons why this year’s World Championship is so highly anticipated is because this year’s meta is difficult to predict.

Compared to previous years that had clear meta (for example: Ardent Cender meta in 2017, Juggernaut meta in 2015), this year’s meta actually favored teams with draft flexibility and fast play.

Teams like G2 Esports have successfully proven that at the moment all meta can work well and they have successfully demonstrated this throughout this year by playing various compositions such as Botlane Mage to Funnel which was popular last year.

Other teams have also started to replicate this success by trying to get creative with different Pocket Pick and unique draft combinations.

In addition, teams that played more proactively and aggressively also benefited far more than teams that played long scaling. The majority of competitive matches this year are completed within 20-30 minutes so the teams that have played longer have little chance of winning.

The First World Championship to Use a 7-Man Roster

interesting facts about the 2019 world championship

Riot Games seems to be starting to pay attention to feedback from the community that wants Riot Games to increase the number of players for each team roster. This is based on the fact that many teams have started using roster containing more than 5 players, especially teams from South Korea and China.

Based on this feedback, starting this year Riot Games has decided to increase the number of players in each team roster from 6 players to 7 players. This additional player can allow each team that has a roster of more than 5 players to have the option to play more strategies based on the style of play of each player and provide the opportunity for sub players to compete.

These additional players were immediately used by a number of teams to bring in 7 players such as SK Telecom T1, Damwon Gaming, Flamengo Esports, Splyce, DetonatioN FocusMe, and others.

An opportunity for the European region to strengthen its dynasty

interesting facts about the 2019 world championship
Source: LoL Esports

For the first time in years, the European region is now seen as the strongest region. The success of G2 Esports in winning the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational and coupled with the level of play shown by European teams has made Europe now respected.

High individual skills and attractive pick creativity are now encouraging teams from other regions to start trying to follow what G2 Esports and other European teams have succeeded in doing.

Even Team Liquid and Cloud9, which usually undergo bootcamp in South Korea, chose to train in Europe and undergo a scrim with other European teams. The Netherlands was chosen as the destination to get low ping as well as in South Korea, considering the EU West server is located in the Netherlands.

At the same time, the 2019 World Championship will be held on European soil. The status as the strongest region and the host will certainly encourage G2 Esports, Fnatic, and Splyce to try to look their best in front of their supporters and win the title.

Especially for Fnatic, they certainly don’t want to repeat the failure in the 2015 Semifinals again and want to maintain their achievements in 2018. Even though they have to undergo a deadly group, escaping from the group and returning to the Final round will be a fixed price.

On the other hand, it is certain that the other strong teams will not remain silent. Invictus Gaming as the defending champion will try to defend the title, SK Telecom T1 will try to regain its fourth title and take revenge against G2 Esports, Team Liquid will try to prove itself as a champion contender, and other teams are eyeing the same thing.

Those are five interesting facts about this year’s World Championship. World Championship 2019 will kick off in a matter of hours and it is likely that the theme song for this year’s World Championship will be released on the same day. You can watch the 2019 World Championship through the official LoL Esports channel on YouTube and Twitch.

Editor: Yubian Asfar