5 Reasons Why You Should Play at a Cyber ​​Gym, a Cool Game Center with a Billiard Area

For those of you who are in Jakarta, it seems like playing games in a game center is a habit. There are so many choices of playgrounds in the capital, but the newest is the Cyber ​​Gym.

Located in Pluit, Cyber ​​Gym offers a game center concept cozy and also the present. One of the highlights is how Garry Chen, as the owner, provides a billiard playing arena, which is free to play by anyone, anytime. So, what are the reasons you have to play in this game center?

  1. High Spec, 144Hz Monitor, Equip All Logitech
    Playing games today is definitely different from a few years ago. If a few years ago we played with the usual spec and still felt comfortable, this time of course not. Lots of games that demand high specs to be played comfortably. But there are also some players who feel that with high specs they can play well. And Cyber ​​Gym provides that. The high spec coupled with the 144Hz monitor will definitely enhance the gaming experience. Also all the equipment that Logitech supports is of course quality.
  2. Billing Will Not Be Forfeited
    One of the laziness for someone to play at a game center is the burning of billing. However, not for the Cyber ​​Gym. All players will be given a username which you will be able to use at any time without fear of being burned. This is certainly suitable for those of you who are used to playing without a definite time.
  3. Tournaments Every Month
    As one proof to support Indonesian esports. Cyber ​​Gym is committed to holding tournaments every month. Not only 1-2 games, because later they will take turns choosing tournaments that allow tournaments to be made. So, not only DOTA 2, there are CS: GO, LOL and PB tournaments which will be according to Garena’s agreement. They can even hold tournaments for mobile games, such as Vainglory for example.
  4. Anti Lag and DC
    Who doesn’t want to play in a game center that has anti-lag and DC features? Yep, Cyber ​​Gym with 3 dedicated internet lines, of course you don’t have to worry about a sudden disconnection of one network, because the other two networks are definitely ready to do a back-up.
  5. Mobile Esports Headquarters, Elite 8
    Just established but the trust to become the headquarters of Elite 8 has been obtained. Yes, Elite 8, which is a team from one of the mobile esports, Vainglory. Even Elite 8 itself has proven itself to be the champion of this year’s Vainglory SEA Spring Championship which will fly to the Vainglory World Championship later this year. Apart from that, Elite 8 has also recently ventured into another mobile esports game, namely Mobile Arena.

If you are in Jakarta and its surroundings and want to stop by a game center whose name is similar to this fitness center, you can come directly to the address Jln. Pluit Karang Ayu Barat Blok B1U No.15, RT. 20 RW. 02 Pluit, RT.20 / RW.2, Pluit, Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

Reportedly, every month, Cyber ​​Gym will make attractive promos which are certainly a pity to miss. And will increase your enthusiasm for spending time there.