5 Recommended KB Mobile Games for Ngabuburit!

If you are connoisseurs Mobile Legends or follow scene Mobile Legends in Indonesia, you must be familiar with this one name.

Mochammad Ryan “KB“Batistuta one caster Mobile Legends (which is right now caster other games) recommend 5 games mobile for ngabuburit here Revival buddy. What are you curious about? listen right away!

1. Mobile Legends

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Source: Google Play

Because KB is known when caster Mobile Legends Of course the first favorite game that KB recommends is Mobile Legends.

According to KB, Mobile Legends very suitable as a favorite game to fill Ngabuburit because once playing, it will take 10-20 minutes.

“Because it’s in the game mobile legends, you can spend about 10-20 minutes in 1 game, don’t get bored easily, and don’t move too much (not a simulator game), yes at least reduce it a little toxicso that the fast is still smooth, okay? hahaha “ said KB.

2. Sims Mobile

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Source: Unbox.id

For those of you who like simulator games, KB has suggestions here, namely the Sims Mobile game.

“You can waste even more time, because you know that the sims just take a long time to make the characters, you haven’t built a house yet. set up property. those who have Eid first play the sims, Hahaha“Explained KB.

3. Free Fire / PUBGM

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Source: Dericksoft.com

According to KB, these 2 games are really obligatory games for Revival’s friends to spend their fasting time (but worship is still going on) aka ngabuburit.

“This game is really obligatory to take up time because of one time game on they must be over 15 minutes. unless you are too soon or falling too fast, ”said KB.

KB also provides suggestions for playing Free Fire or PUBGM in the month of fasting you have to be more patient so you can break the fast chicken dinner!

4. Werewolf Online

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Source: Werewolf online

KB also suggested Revival’s friends by playing ngabuburit Werewolf online because 1 game can take about 15 minutes more.

“But what must be questioned is, because this is the holy month of Ramadan, and this werewolf game requires” lying “, what is the practice of fasting? hehehehe “ can anyone answer the KB question no here?

5. Speed ​​Drifters

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Source: Speed ​​Drifters

In the fifth recommended game, KB suggested Revival’s friends to play Speed ​​Drifters.

“This game is underestimated, even though, to fill empty time, speed drifters are ready to accompany you! 3 minutes on each map? it might feel short, but playfully play on rest area will waste a lot of your time of course! You can also play with your friends so you can feel the excitement together Speed ​​Drifters, “Explained KB.

Those are the five games mobile who was recommended by KB for Ngabuburitnya friend Revival. Which one here friend Revival’s favorite?