5 Strongest Hero Mobile Legends versions of Fabiens Bigetron PK

The number hero on Mobile Legends of course it can be very confusing for beginner or intermediate class players to focus on hero which one to learn.

Therefore, here we contact one of the pro players Mobile Legends from Bigetron Player Kill, Thong Valentin Andara or known as nickname BTR • Fabiens to share his recommendations about the strongest Mobile Legends hero.

Bigetron Player Kill (Left-Right: Coffeguy, Eiduart, Fabiens, Emperor, Rekt, Vin), Source: MPL IndonesiaFabiens gave 5 Mobile Legends hero strongest version, adjust meta and composition hero. May be heroes This choice of Fabiens is able to make you harvest stars in Ranked Match!

1. Lancelot – Assassin

Lancelot, Source: Mobile Legends

Is a hero who can kill his enemies quickly through burst damageHowever, this hero is also a very agile hero so it can be difficult to catch. According to Fabiens, the main reason why this hero is hard to catch is because, “Sneed to be captured if the opponent or enemy understands well to use skill 1 (Puncture)-his.”

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Especially with skill set its like Soul Cutter (Passive Skill), Thorned Rose (Skill 2), and Ultimate Skill-his, Phantom Execution. Skill all three have damage which is very big at the same time being skill the opener to initiate the attack. When removing Ultimate Skill, Lancelot will get temporary immunity.

2. Harley – Mage

Harley, Source: Mobile Legends

Hero with background like this magician has terrible abilities. Even though he is a Mage type, Harley is able to deliver DPS or basic attack which hurts because of skill passivity that is Magic Master.

Through skill set-his, hero this can deliver burst damage the big one. With a combination Deadly Magic (Ultimate Skill), Space Escape (Skill 2) to add movement speed and DPS from Pocker Trick (Skill 1), “Hero type ganking Which hurts a lot, if Harley comes out Ultimate Skillthen there will be death in one hero enemy.” added Fabiens.

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3. Kagura – Mage

Kagura, Source: Mobile Legends

Hero mainstay of the wibu this has great power behind her beautiful face. Even though the umbrella is Kagura’s main weapon, this umbrella can win the match with skill set hers.

Combination Yin-Yang Gathering (Pasive Skill), Seimei Umbrella Open (Skill 1) to direct the umbrella and Yin-Yang Overturn (Ultimate Skill) to give burst damage the big one . Fabien said, “Hero (Kagura) can deliver burst damage a very sore inside war / clash. This hero is good if the person who uses it is adept at using it skill 2 Kagura. ” Rasho Umbrella Flee (Skill 2) Kagura can also be used both as a means to attack and to escape and defend.

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4. Cyclops – Mage

Cyclops, Source: Mobile Legends

Cyclops is a hero which is good forlock the enemy at once delivers DPS simultaneously. This small, one-eyed mage is a hero that is often used besides Harley.

Stardust Shock (Passive Skill) as a deduction cooldown skill, Planet Attack (Skill 1) and Star Power Lockdown (Skill 2) as Play DPS and can be prefixed with Starlight Hourglass (Ultimate Skill) to lock the enemy’s movement for up to 3 seconds.

The reason why choose Cylops, “type burst damage also, maybe hero this hurts more than Harley already full-build. If the Cyclops plays late game, he will be hard to kidnap because his skills are strong enough to by-one. ” Said Fabiens.

5. Fanny – Assassin

Fanny, Source: Mobile Legends

Hero with agile abilities, damage the sick and skill attacking aggressively is Fanny’s specialty. Using a combination of rope and sword, create hero it is capable of fast rotation.

With skill passively named Air Superiority and also skill 2 named Steel Cable make this hero an idol. Combos followed by Tornado Strike (Skill 1) and Cut Throat (Ultimate Skill) become a contributor physical damage the big one.

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According to Fabiens, “This hero is too strong if anyone can use it. He can pull out the rope (Steel Cable) as much as possible along with Tornado Strike if many opponents gather. How tocounter Fanny, yes, don’t gather at one point and if possible don’t get damaged from combo Fanny continuously (burst damage). “

That was 5 hero the strongest Mobile Legends ala Fabiens that you can learn. Do you agree with his opinion? There is request other pro players to share recommendations hero-his? Write it in the comments.

Edited by Jabez Elijah