5 Teams Predicted to Enter the World’s Top 10 Teams in 2019!

In an annual cycle CS: GO, there will always be a team whose performance is plunging down. There are also those whose prestige has risen because they managed to beat several world-class teams.

Call it Virtus.pro which this year is not as shining as before. And until the end of 2018, they have lost 3 figures from rooster Their “Golden Five”.

PashaBiceps’s prestige is not as famous as it used to be. Source: HLTV

We will also present 5 teams whose performance has dropped sharply in 2018 at another time. However, this time, RevivalTV presents 5 teams that are predicted to be able to set foot on the ladder of the 10 best teams in the world in 2019!

OpTic Gaming – Denmark

niko, Snappi, cajunb, JuGi, k0nfig. Source: HLTV

The name OpTic Gaming has actually been poor across the realm CS: GO international.

After several repairs rooster and moving continents, they decided to oversee 5 players from Denmark. One of their defending retainer players is Kristian “k0nfig“Wienecke.

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This year, OpTic got some pretty good results. Unfortunately, the momentum of the five players did not allow them to win even 1 trophy.

Some of their best achievements are second in cs_summit 3, and runner-up at DreamHack Open Summer 2018.

Togetherness OpTic Gaming at StarSeries Season 6. Source: HLTV

On several occasions, they have been able to balance the resistance of the world’s top teams, namely NiP, BIG, and mousesports. Their weakness is arguably less consistent in their game.

The key to their victory comes from one of them JuGi as well as k0nfig. If these two players can’t show their great play, OpTic will likely lose badly.

More adjustments are required so that all players canbackup each other in teamwork.

Team LDLC – France

LDLC at IEM Chicago 2018. Source: HLTV

This organization has entered the realm CS: GO since 2013, bringing successful graduates to date, such as kennyS, kioShiMa, shox, and others.

Until finally in 2018, they decided to overhaul roosterhim, by issuing 3 players, that is Ex6TenZ, Maniac, and DEVIL.

They decided to bring 3 young players, among others AmaNEk, devoduvek, and LOGAN. The result? arguably very satisfying.

As of the time this article was written, they have been ranked 12th in the world. The author assesses that with the release of Ex6TenZ, this team will be much better off with a freer structure.

A former Misfits player, Devoduvek is one of the most impactful players on the team. Source: HLTV

My belief in LDLC is based on their resistance which surprised many parties, where they managed to win against NRG, North, and Renegades which incidentally were not on their level.

If they manage to defend rooster them until the end of 2019 and it is very possible that they will maintain their current position, even making it into the top 10 of the world.

Team Vitality – France

Vitality lifted its first trophy. Source: HLTV

Several teams from France have recently been divided and formed several new teams. This is one of them. A mix of 2 EnVyUs players, and 2 G2 players, plus 1 young French talent.

This team looks quite promising, because it is fronted by senior players and new talents aimmust be reckoned with by his opponent. In fact we’ve written articles about ZywOo about a year ago.

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They won the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 championship some time ago. This proves that Vitality is not a random team even though the opponents in the tournament are the top 20 and above.

They currently have the best composition of players on the market. The big question mark is, can they be together for at least 1 year? Will they be desperate and replace some of their players in the near future? We hope not.

HellRaisers – Europe

Source: HLTV

HellRaisers is one of the few European teams that use English in their communications. The team, which consists of 5 players from 5 different countries, is on the rise recently.

Rank 5 in EPICENTER 2018 and FACEIT Major 2018 strengthens its position as a team to be reckoned with. woxic and ISSAA is a player to watch out for from this devil logo team.


Even though, DeadFox as well as ANGE 1 cannot be underestimated. In my opinion, ANGE1 is a rare player. Even though he plays the role of IGL in his team, his performance is not at all disturbed. In fact, sometimes he occupies the top position at scoreboard.

ANGE 1. Source: HLTV

And not long ago there was a figure H0bbit who is a star player from Gambit. The presence of H0bbit will certainly add fire power from this team. HellRaisers is one of the teams I enjoy doing both in terms of play and analysis.

Cloud9 – Europe & America

Cloud9’s new roster uses the European flag for his team. Source: HLTV

After the release of 3 key Cloud9 players in their victory at the ELEAGUE Major 2018, this team appeared to be in a drastic decline.

Nobody would have thought that Cloud9 decided to bring 3 European players. For the first time in history CS: GO, this team will have a European flag.

Indeed, RUSH and autimatic still strengthening this team. But will it be the same? Of course not. New atmosphere, new systematics, new strategies. That all has changed Cloud9 as we know it at the beginning of 2018.

Source: HLTV

When it comes to this new roster, of course I still have confidence that this team can sit back in the top 10 positions in the world. Why? because the writer still has faith in the former major winners.

Flusha, winner of 3 major titles CS: GO, while kioShiMa is the winner of 2 major events CS: GO. Plus Golden’s experience as a top team IGL, there is still hope of getting into the top 10 in the world next year. Currently Cloud9 is perched at position 24 in the world.


kioShiMa in the Cloud9 jersey. Source: BLAST

In 2018, quite a number of teams were actually good, but had to end badly either disbanding or moving to another team.

And of course, this prediction will only hold if all teams and rooster those involved are still strengthening the same team. So far, of course there have been many changes, seen from the legendary teams that have begun to scatter, namely Virtus.pro and NiP.

But on the other hand there is also a team that has succeeded in breaking the expectations of the fans CS: GO. Let’s hope for the best for the 5 teams above to stay strong until the end of 2019!

Edited by Yubian A. Huda