5 types of ML spells and the function of Spell in Mobile Legends

One of the factors supporting victory in every match in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is spell. There are 5 types of ML Spells and Spell Functions in Mobile Legends. But all of them are very useful for heroes in increasing attack performance or defense in killing enemies.

Of course, the players must understand every use of the existing spells, so that they can properly choose which spells to use against the enemy. This must also be in line with the heroes being played, as well as those used by the enemy, so that they can be more effective and efficient when used.

5 types of ML spells and the function of Spell in Mobile Legends

Healing Spell

As the name suggests, healing spells will really help players survive. If used properly, this spell can also make a hero very difficult to beat. The Healing Spell itself will give an additional hero HP of around 15%. This spell can be used in an area within a range. So that teammates who are around the hero player also benefit because they also get the effect of this spell. The use of this spell is highly recommended in brawl mode.

Sprint Spell

The sprint spell is very suitable when used by players who choose herp with low mobility characteristics but high damage. Conversely, for heroes who have high mobility, you should no longer need to use this spell. The sprint spell can make hero players easily chase enemy heroes with an additional speed of up to 42%, can be used for a duration of 10 seconds.

Purify Spell

When using the Purify spell, the advantage that a hero player gets is immunity and the effect of disabling all the effects of enemy hero attacks with a duration of one second. Another advantage is that it increases 30% of the player’s hero speed to 30%. This spell can also help in removing all effects from stun, slow, bleeding, and other negative effects that impact the player’s HP hero.

Arrival Spell

Heroes who use spells get an additional movement advantage of 30% for 3 seconds. This is commonly used to escape from war when HP is low, or it could be to help friends from different turret lanes.

Aegis Spell

This Aegis Spell is actually similar to Lolita’s shiled ability. Spell Mobile Legends: The last Bang Bang to be able to help players last longer and are hard to beat is the Aegis spell.

This shield itself can only last for approximately 5 seconds to withstand 3 attacks. Interestingly, this spell allows the player to still be able to move to attack the enemy. So that the hero player can really help teammates to war.

Those are 5 types of Spell ML and the Spell function in Mobile Legends that you can use to support your battles on mobile legends