5 Ways to Face Johnson ML Hero in Mobile Legends Season 18

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games you can play. In this one game there is a Tank Johnson hero who is strong and annoying. Here are some ways to deal with Johnson’s hero in the Mobile Legends game.

This Hero Tank, has a unique ultimate. Johnson is able to turn into a car and go fast with great damage when hitting his opponent. The passive skill that he releases is the Electric-airbag, when receiving an attack until the hit point is below 30% Johnson will issue a protector and absorb damage to the opponent using the armor item he uses. Then how do you deal with Johnson’s tank hero in Mobile Legends?

On this occasion we will discuss how to deal with Johnson’s tank hero in the Mobile Legends game. Which one hero is very difficult above, and quite annoying when played as an opponent in Mobile Legends.

How to Face Johnson’s Hero in Mobile Legends

Use the Agile and Agile Hero

Using an agile hero aims to avoid Johnson when using his ultimate skill. Use a hero who has the blink skill and will face you from the johnson collision. If the hero you are using doesn’t have clicking skills, use abilities that can prevent you from crashing into Johnson, for example Flicker and Purify.

Use Hero With Magic Damage

Johnson is feared because of his passive skill that can absorb opponent’s damage. However, Johnson as a tank hero must buy a lot of armor items that cannot reduce the damage from skills that provide magic damage. So the first way to beat Johnson is to use a hero who can give him magic damage. By using a Mage hero, you will easily defeat this one tank hero.

Use Items That Give Magic Resistance

Magic Resistance is resistance to magic attacks. This Hero Tank skill will provide magic damage. Johnson’s ultimate skill will deal enormous damage, so you can buy items that contain magic resistance. This is intended if you are hit by a Johnson collision who uses his ultimate skill, the damage you will receive will be reduced later. So that your hero hit point doesn’t die right away.


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Use Mapping Techniques

The Mirror Technique is to ensure the surroundings by shifting the map. Johnson with his ultimate skill will easily roam with a body that turns into a car and moves lanes quickly. So, you can confirm it through the Mapping technique. Monitor the opponent’s lane, if Johnson is roaming to another lane, you must be prepared with a strategy to avoid Gank. If the map is quiet, it means that John is driving with his team.

Prepare a Strategy After or Before Ganking

Strategy in playing is very important, as was against Johnson. When you are doing clear minions, bring a tank hero on your team, this is so that if Johnson comes and is about to hit the hero tank, he can hold him. Then if Johnson is going to gang up, you also have to prepare a hero in your team beforehand to gang up on the location where Johnson left. This was intended so that the game was balanced and the death of teammates did not die in vain later.

Johnson is a very strong hero thanks to his high damage when combined with other heroes. Besides that, he is also very thick and can absorb a lot of damage when fighting.

So that’s the way to face Johnson’s hero in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends players. Don’t forget to follow Esportsku (@ esports.ku). That is all and thank you.