6 Free Fire Weapons Make Continuous FF Headshot 2020, Deadly!

Free Fire is one of the best games available to date, it has even become the best game in 2019 yesterday. Free Fire also has quite a lot of total players, so it’s no wonder that there are many new updates coming into this game. Even the players, too, received this update for a good try.

They never feel bored, when playing this Free Fire game. This is because Free Fire provides lots of interesting new developments and updates. So that you who play it yourself, will never feel bored.

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Garena is the direct developer of the Free Fire game, so of course updates and events in this game are well maintained. Not only that, right now Free Fire has presented lots of new updates that you can try.

Various Free Fire Characters have been present, and there is the Best Pet that is Often Used by the players. Besides that, there are also some Best Landing Tips so that you can survive even longer later.

For now too, the weapons in the game are very diverse. Of course this weapon has a function, so that you can later play and fight enemies easily. Without using weapons, you can win but it’s difficult.

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On this occasion we will give Free Fire Weapons to Make Continuous FF Headshot 2020 which is indeed the choice of Free Fire players.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Use This Weapon For Easy Free Fire Headshot

  1. Groza


The first choice of players is Groza, this Assault Rifle type weapon managed to rank first. Even the abilities that are generated from Groza are very good and close to his words in this Free Fire game.

There are several ways to get Groza in the match, so that later you can easily find it.

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  1. Thompson

Second, according to the players, is Thompson, this newcomer has attracted a lot of players’ attention. This is because, Thompson is quite good and suitable for heavy Rush levels. Almost all of the stats, exceeding the previous weapons.

So naturally, if Thompson becomes the Best SMG, he even becomes the King of the Newest SMG in Free Fire.

  1. M1014

Furthermore, still in the type of Rush weapon, M1014 is a Shotgun which is quite deadly in the Free Fire game. Even the damage from this weapon, is very large and quite deadly. So that when you are rushed, you can kill enemies quickly.

Even so, still be careful when using this weapon huh.

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  1. AWM

How amazing, AWM’s position was shifted and it didn’t hurt too much according to the Free Fire players. Maybe this is because, these weapons are hard to find and have a powerful counter that really affects them. Even so, AWM has enormous damage.

Even a level 3 helmet at once, you can destroy it with just 1 shot.

  1. MP5

Skin for FF MP5 Blood Red Weapons on Weapon Loot Free Fire

The position of the MP40 has now been replaced by the MP5. Free Fire players now prefer MP5, to be used as a Rush. Even after getting Buff, this weapon has become even more powerful. Even so, the UMP and MP5 Buff has a counter to turn it off.

  1. Scar

The last weapon that is quite often used by many players is Scar, this is an Assault Rifle type weapon. Scar himself is nicknamed the second Groza in the Free Fire game, this is due to his very strong ability.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are all of you interested in trying out one of those weapons?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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