6 PUBG Mobile Foregrip Functions You Must Know!

Adjusting recoil and stability when shooting with PUBG Mobile weapons, it turns out that not only on the muzzle or the stock used on the weapon. The fingers and gyros that are used to hold the recoil are also necessary, but there is something that is no less important, namely the Foregrip.

In PUBG Mobile, there are 5 foregrips with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Come on, see the explanation below!

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6 PUBG Mobile Foregrip Functions You Must Know!

1. Angled Foregrip

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Angled Foregrip can reduce recoil and speed up the time to aim. The recoil that stomps horizontally will be easily damped by this grip. The recoil that is muted by Angled Foregrip by 20% makes it easier for you to shoot at close range.

2. Vertical Foregrip

Vertical foregrip will help reduce vertical stomping recoil. When you want to shoot enemies at a long distance, this grip is suitable for a more stable shot. The recoil that is dampened by this grip is also quite a lot, namely 20%.

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3. Light Grip

METACO - Indonesia's Esports Portal

Many do not think that light grip actually has the ability to reduce recoil at most, namely 25%. Light grip can also help cross hair return to the starting point quickly so that your aiming will be more accurate. Although it can reduce shock, the light grip actually adds to the horizontal and vertical recoil spray.

4. Half Grip

There are rarely players who use this grip because the half grip reduces stability when shooting. While the half grip can add accuracy and recoil recovery time, the half grip can also add vertical and horizontal recoil when shooting.

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5. Laser Sight

Laser Sight is often used to shoot at close range, because even though it doesn’t open the scope when shooting, laser sight can reduce messy bullet distribution. Coupled with a green laser line light that will make it easier for you when aiming at the enemy.

6. Thumb Grip

For those of you who are a bar-type player or like to play intensely and fast, you will definitely use this grip often. Thumb grip can reduce the time to open the scope. The downside of this thumb grip is that it adds horizontal recoil to the weapon.

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you find which foregrip suits your gameplay or just add information about the rights in PUBG Mobile. Thank you for listening!