7 heroes in Mobile Legends who can’t stay still, get drunk on trips!

there are 7 Mobile Legends heroes who can’t stay still and make you feel drunk in ML. Of course, Mobile Legends, which has a large selection of heroes, will make you not easily bored. How not, until now even Mobile Legends has touched more than a hundred heroes. The many choices of heroes must also distinguish the characteristics of these heroes.

There are several heroes in Mobile Legends who can’t stand still. These heroes are very difficult to catch or be silent. With smooth movements they can keep on playing. In fact, it’s not uncommon for players to be overwhelmed because they don’t have time to rest when playing with these heroes.

With these heroes who can’t stay still, you will make the enemy inconvenient. Difficult to catch and not being silent are the selling points of these heroes. Heroes who can be very fast from point A to point B like them also often become a meta pick. How not, these heroes have strength that cannot be underestimated.

Here we will provide 6 Mobile Legends heroes who can’t stay still and make you feel motion sick for beginners. These heroes are very difficult to catch and can move quite fast. In addition, these heroes are quite annoying for those who fight them.

The following are ML heroes who can’t stand still in hunting on mobile legends:


Johnson is a very strong and dependable tanker. He is very strong playing with a compact team, or with a hero who can be combined with him. What makes him unable to keep quiet is of course you know the answer. Yes, Johnson’s ulti that can turn into a car and transport the hero with him is quite strong. He can move very fast and navigate the map without problems when the ulti is active.


6 heroes in Mobile Legends who can't stay still, get drunk on trips!

Fanny is the character with the highest mobility in the game. Among other heroes, if used properly, Fanny will not be able to stay still and can continue to move without problems. The cable skill in skill 2 is the main factor for Fanny. Fanny who can hang continuously makes it difficult to catch and can chase enemies very easily and quickly.


Ling is a very agile hero. He can even say that he can compete with Fanny in terms of agility. If Fanny could hang really fast, Ling could jump the wall without any problem. With enough energy, Ling can go around the map very easily and without any problems. It’s hard to catch this one hero.


Helcurt is a pretty nimble assassin. Having leap skills and additional MVSPD makes it very difficult to catch. When Helcurt started to gang up, he was very fast and couldn’t stay still! Helcurt is an assassin that cannot be underestimated, of course.


Hayabusa is a hero who is no less agile and agile on mobile legends. Hayabusa is able to take advantage of his skills to keep moving with his shadow. Therefore, he cannot remain silent when doing combos. Hayabusa is difficult to catch because it is difficult to predict his movements.


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Kagura is arguably the best kiter hero in Mobile Legends. He can take advantage of his umbrella which is very difficult to catch. Kagura can move continuously without stopping and keep his opponent busy. Can’t stay still when the combo is smooth.


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Gusion is also very agile and can’t stay still. If you are a reliable Gusion player, you will know that if you are silent, Gusion is of no use. Himself must keep moving and slippery like an eel.

You can use these 7 unstoppable Mobile Legends heroes to your advantage. Very difficult to catch and very agile, they are often picked up as customers. Can’t stay still when it starts! Also follow our social media on Instagram.