7 Items for ML Roamer Aggressive Season 19 in Mobile Legends, Best Help!

Aggressive roamers are usually mobile legends support or tank role heroes whose job is to go around the map and rotate continuously. Usually their job is to help gank and trouble the enemy by harassing or just pushing them home. Well, there are several Aggressive Roamer Items for mobile legends that you can use to support your game as a roamer.

Aggressive hero roamer is usually synonymous with tankers or poker, which will be very annoying in early mobile legends games. Their job is to create space that their team will use for the best ML farming. Therefore their impact is quite high.

Here we will provide 7 of the best aggressive roamer items that you can use in Mobile Legends. You must buy this item to increase their impact.


Rapid is the most important mobile legends shoe for roamer because this shoe will provide a very fast MVSPD when outside the fight. With these shoes the roamer can get around the map very easily because they can move lanes in the blink of an eye.

AWE MASK Represents Aggressive Roamer Items in Mobile Legends

Awe is a very strong support item for tankers because they can provide CC from the passive effect of this item. Of all the support items, maybe Awe is an item that is perfect if you plan to play as a team and gank diligently. You can use it with fighter and support heroes who have good basic cc skills.

SHADOW MASK Is ML Aggressive Roamer Item

Shadow is an item suitable for use by roamer who wants to play safer because of its excellent effect. With this item they can do a better set up and continue roaming aggressively without stopping. This item is suitable for tankers who use spam skills because of its effect that can make you tanks with good cc.


Next is the Courage Mask which is often used by tanker users in Mobile Legends. Courage Mask has the ability to give rage to nearby allied heroes. This one item can also provide additional movement speed which is very effective to use as an offlaner. Courage Mask can be activated during teamfight in Mobile Legends.


Cursed is an item suitable for roamer because this item has a useful effect as a damage tool. In addition, with this item you can put pressure on the lane by continuing to push very quickly.

THUNDER BELT As an Aggressive Roamer Item in Mobile Legends

With the Thunder Belt you will be able to play very aggressively by continuously ganking. This ML Aggressive Roamer item provides a very good slow and damage% HP. With this item, the roamer can at least contribute to high damage later.


If you want to play as a roamer who keeps on ganking without having to go home, Wahjib will buy this item. With this ML Aggressive Roamer Item, you will continue to regen outside of the fight so that the roamer does not need to go home to heal except where the contents are. This item’s stat is also very good to take.


This ML Aggressive Roamer item will provide a good armor stat and also a passive revive effect. With this item, the roamer can continue to play without fear and can make a high contribution later.


For core heroes like marksman or assassin, you can use a windtalker to be used as a roamer in Mobile Legends. The ability of this item allows you to get an additional 20 movement speed.

This item is certainly very suitable for use by marksman heroes, apart from providing attack speed, Windtalker can also provide excellent movemnet speed in Mobile Legends.


If previously you used windtalker for hero marksman, now for assassin or hero fighter you can use Hunter Strike. This item has a passive skill that allows you to get 30% Movement speed after you attack your opponent.

This is very suitable during teamfight so that you can get high agility when teamfight takes place. To take advantage of it, you can also use a basic attack in the jungle to activate its passive.


Next is Endless Battle, which can also increase your movement speed, especially for physical top heroes such as fighters, assassins and marksman. Endless Bttale is a very popular item and is also suitable for roamer.

Khusunsya, for those of you who are in the midlane, increasing your movement speed is of course the thing you have to do the most. We recommend that you take advantage of the sub stat abilities in an item for that. This really helps the mobility of a hero in Mobile Legends.


Continuing for the mage hero, you can use the ice queen wand which you can use to increase movement speed for the mage hero. This item provides around 7% Movement Speed ​​and also some additional lifesteal.

Not only does it provide speed for roaming, you can also provide quite a lot of cellphones, especially for you Mage users in Mobile Legends.


Still for mage heroes, you can use feather of heaven which provides high attack speed abilities and also some movement speed that you can use. Feather of Heaven is also very suitable for you to use for heroes like Zhask.

This item is very suitable for use by heroes with mechanisms that rely heavily on basic attacks, for example, such as Guinenere, SIlvanna, Nana, Lunox and many others. With attack speed and movement speed, it will help you in team fight.

Those are the 7 best items for aggressive roamer in Mobile Legends. These items are very important because they can play aggressively without stopping and put pressure on the opposing team. Don’t forget to follow my esports instagram!

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