7 ML Mage Items Hurted in Mobile Legends Early Game Season 16

As we know, Mobile Legends is one of the best games that you can play, this one game presents a variety of excitement to play MOBA on a smartphone. Now one that is often sought after by many players is the Mage Item that hurts Mobile Legends, especially for Early Games, we have a line.

Items in Mobile Legends are divided into 3 different functions, starting from physical items, magic items and defense items. So here is a row of Magic items for Mage heroes that you must have in the Early Game.

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Star Shard

A jungle item specifically for Mage heroes, Star Shard is often used for several Assassin Mage heroes, or Mage with burst abilities such as Gusion, Selena, Harith, Harley and others. Star Shard has attributes of +30 Magic Damage, +15 Mana Regen, and +15 Lifesteal.

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Concentrated Energy

Concentrated Energy is one of the most important Mage items in the Early Game. This one item is the source of the mage’s Lifesteal, so it is not uncommon for many to use it at the beginning of the match.

Concentrated Energy can provide +70 Magci Power and +700 HP with +25 Magical Lifesteal abilities specifically for mages.

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Calamity Reaper

It is the best and most used Mage item. The meaning of the most sought after by this item is its True Damage. Just like Endless Battle on physical items, Calamity also has many artistic skills that you can get.

Some of the items that you will get include +70 Magic Power, +100 Mana, +40 Mana Regen, and +10 Cooldownd Reduction.

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Lightning Truncheon

A mage item with annoying damage, Lightning Truncheon can reflect 20-1000 magic damage every 6 seconds on the opponent’s hero. This item provides +75 Magic Power, +300 Mana and +10 Cooldwn Reduction.

Ice Queen Wand

Some Mages often use Ice Queen Wand to play in the Early Game, No doubt, this one item is an item as a source of damage as well as the lifesteal of Mage heroes.

Ice Queen Wand can give +75 Magic Power, + 10% Magical Lifesteal, +150 Mana, + 7% Movement Speed.

Glowing Wand

Glowing is a Magic item with a burn effect on the target hero. This item is widely used by several heroes such as Auora, Valir, or others at the start of the match.

Glowing Wand provides +75 Magic Power, +400 HP and +5 Movement Speed.

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Clock of Destiny

The longer it is used, the more significant the attribute will be. Therefore, Clock of Destiny is suitable for use in Early Games, this one item can provide +60 Magic Power, +615 HP and +600 Mana, with a unique skill that can add 30 HP and 5 Magic Attack every 30 seconds that can be stacked. up to 10 times.

So that’s a line of items that you can use in the Early Game, Hopefully it’s useful and hopefully it will increase your knowledge when playing games, especially Mobile Legends.