7Mad’s Curhatan About Resolut1on, OG’s Latest & Potential Roster at TI8

After many changes rooster from the team that failed the qualification The international 8, it would not be wrong to discuss a team that has secured its place in the grand event Dota 2 the.


OG is the team that secures slots to TI8 through the European qualification route, but they lost several important pillars such as the captain, Fly and a reliable Offlaner s4. This is certainly interesting to discuss.

Recently one of the youtube channels Dota 2 from France, FroggedTV, interviewed Sébastien “7ckngMad“Debs related to changing his position from a coach to an active player and some changes rooster until passing The International 8.

About Resolut1on Departure

Resolut1on has a very specific way of playing, where you have to involve your teammates to adapt more.

And we have a little trouble understanding the way he plays. We also got to the point where we realized that things were not going to work out as expected.

OG won MDL Macau with Reslut1ion. Source: JoinDOTA

If we impose our way of playing, then Resolut1on will also lose its uniqueness inside play style-his.

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It doesn’t make sense because he is such a great player. OG has been trying for at least 7 or 8 months and it doesn’t feel like we are a good fit. “

OG in the 2018 season with Ana. Source: EPICENTER

Resolut1on’s departure did reap the pros and cons, because this player is one of the talents Dota 2 best. Then, the presence of 7Mad also did not bear sweet fruit, even N0tail was moved to a Support position.

About Priority Position

“My goal has always been to get OG back on track to winning, winning majors and possibly winning The International.

If there are better players at OG and need my services to train again, I will return to my original position.


My priority is how I bring value to the team, whether it’s playing with me or Resolut1on. Being a coach is a priority, and the most important thing is to make the team the best possible. “

About the presence of Ana and Topson

“After Fly and s4 left, Ana and Topson were always on our minds. It’s just a matter of whether they are ready or maybe more than ready to play with us. OG always wanted to play with Ana, because we have a pretty close relationship.

OG in the 2017 season with Ana. Source: EPICENTER

Ana and OG have had great success together and she is an exception. For me, Topson is also a player who brings his own uniqueness, and he’s the player we need.

Topson is a very perfect option and I think he’s one of those players with tremendous potential. It’s an honor to be able to play with Ana and Topson. “


There is a high chance for OG to appear at the event DOTA Summit 9 in this July 2018. However, the presence of these 2 players did have a better effect on the OG team. How far will this team go on The International 8?