8 League of Legends Teams with the Best Roster Changes in Season 2019

League of Legends Season 2019, which just started, immediately made fans League of Legends excited.

The reason is that there are many surprising incidents, especially plot twist and cornering by the organization or team League of Legends.

Here are 8 changes rooster team League of Legends best for League of Legends Season 2019!

1. Team Liquid

2019 LoL Offseason
Team Liquid. Source: Team Liquid

Before the 2019 season started, Team Liquid made improvements to ranking they.

One of the ways Team Liquid is improving ranking them by bringing one mid laner chic in North America.

Liquid brings Nicolaj “Jensen“Jensen. In addition, Liquid brings one player with extraordinary achievements, namely two times World Finalist and World Champion 2017 Jo “CoreJJ“Yong-in is playing support.

The recruitment of these two talents seems to support Yiliang. “DoubleliftPeng as the catalyst for Team Liquid’s victory.

2. DAMWON Gaming

2019 LoL Offseason
Damwon Gaming during KeSPA 2018. Source: Damwon Gaming

DAMWON Gaming is one of the teams in the 2019 LCK Spring Season with talented players on its team.

That player is Jang. “Nuguri“Ha-gwon and Heo”ShowMaker“Su who both were mentioned as the next generation of world class player at LCK.

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To support these two talents, Damwon Gaming brought Kim. “Canyon“Geon-bu alone jungler with skill mechanics and a high level of aggressiveness.

DAMWON also brought in a coach who guided Invictus Gaming to become the champion at Worlds 2018, namely Kim “Kim“Jeong-soo.

3. Origen

2019 LoL offseason
Source: Origen

Did you know that before Season 2019 started, this team didn’t have one roster, player, and coach.

But the efforts of General Manager Origen is Martin “Deficio“Lynge of this team managed to gather talented talents.

Barney “AlphariMorris as top laner imported from Misfits Gaming, Jonas “KoldAndersen from Unicorn of Love as jungler they.

Besides that there is Erlend “NukeduckHolm as mid laner they’re from Schalke 04 Esports, Patrik “Patrik“Jiru from H2K Gaming and Alfonso”Mithy“Aguirre Rodriguez of Team SoloMid.

Besides that Origen brought Andre “Guilhoto”Guilhoto and Fabian Broich as coaches and assistant coaches of Schalke 04 Esports.

4. Suning Gaming

2019 LoL offseason
Source: Suning Gaming

Suning Gaming before Season 2019 started was only a mid-level team, but when in LPL Spring 2019 this team performed stunningly and managed to push me to the 1st place temporarily with three consecutive series wins!

Their success was a consequence player their new is Huang “Maple“Yi-Tang as mid laner and Hu “SwordArT”Shuo-Chieh as a supporter who comes from the Flash Wolves who dominate the League of Legends Master Series.

The improvement in Sun Gaming’s performance was also due to Lim’s tutelage. “Comet“Hye-sung, formerly of Afreeca Freecs, and 2015 World Champion Lee”EasyhoonJi-hoon.

5. Misfits Gaming

8 best leagueof legends teams of 2019
Source: Misfits Gaming

Since his failure to follow Worlds 2018. Misfits Gaming has made a comeback rooster them with the superstar League of Legends!

With a European legend Paul “sOAZBoyer replaced Alphari for top lane.

Fabian “Febiven“Diepstraten replaces Chres”SencuxLaursen on mid lane, and superstar LCK Kang “Gorilla“Beom-hyeon for their support.

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The three players to make Nubar “Maxlore“Sarafian and Steven “Hans SamaLiv played better.

Apart from that Jesse “Jesiz“Lee is the coach and Lee”PoohManDu“Jeong-hyeon because the assistant makes this team a dangerous team.

6. G2 Esports

2019 LoL offseason
Source: G2 Esports

The performance of G2 Esports so far at LEC Spring 2019 can be said to be extraordinary as it has been ranked as one in the temporary standings.

Slick performance is a result of player their new also is Mihael “Mikyx“Mehle as support. Apart from that there are changes role in this team with Luka “Perkz“Perkovic from mid laner Becomes laner bot.

In addition, G2 Esports brings Worlds 2018 Finalist, Rasmus “Caps“Winther was part of them. The team whose performance has been stable so far!

7. TopSports Gaming

2019 LoL Offseason
Source: TopSports Gaming

TopSports Gaming which currently plays at LPL Spring 2019 has line up which is dangerous.

Bringing Zhuo “Knight“Ding who used to play at Sun Gaming, Lee”LokeN“Dong-wook of JD Gaming and Nam”Ben“Dong-hyun from the WE team.

This team looks dangerous when they become runner-up Demacia 2018 Winter Cup.

8. SK Telecom T1

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Source: SK Telecom T1

In the 2018 Season, SK Telecom T1 really looked disappointing, one of which was Faker et al’s failure to qualify for Worlds 2018.

However, SK Telecom T1 seems to have risen with Kim. “Crazy“Jae-hee, Kim”KhanDong-ha as top lane they. Besides that there is Kim “Clid“Tae-min and Kang”HaruMin-seung as jungler.

And of course Park “Teddy“Jin-seong on bot lane and Cho “EyeSe-hyeong as their support.

This team also brought in former coach Jin Air Greenwings Kim “FlySang-chul and drafter from Afreeca Freecs namely Lee “ZefaJae-min. Will it ever be victorious again?

Editor: Yubian A. Huda